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Space Solutions is happy to add Instagram to our social media channels! We’ll be showing some different looks of some of our favourite projects, plus behind the scenes peeks at work in progress, what’s new at the showroom and more. Find our channel here, or click the image below to go directly to one of our posts!

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Space Solutions Visits Cottage Country

Georgian Bay

While we certainly do the vast majority of our work in the Greater Toronto Area, we are performing more and more installations in the surrounding area, even as far north as Muskoka and Georgian Bay. If your home is outside of the GTA, you don’t have to be on your own for storage solutions!  The process is similar to what we do for our more local clients, with the exception being that rather than come to you first, we will want to get some information from you at the outset so that we may put together a proposal as a starting point.  Then, once we get to a meeting of the minds, we will certainly send someone to see you and do a site visit for refining the measurements.  We don’t have an official radius for exactly how far we will go, it all depends on the nature of the work, and we’ll look at it on a case by case basis.  In the past few months, we have installed Garage cabinets, bedroom closets, family room built-ins, all outside the GTA – and we would love the opportunity to do work for you too!

Here’s how to get started – the simplest thing would be to use our Appointment Request form.  The form includes a space to submit your email address, which we can use to correspond with you with any questions we have about your requirements.   There is also a space to describe the work you would like done – use that to provide measurements and some specifics about what you would like us to do.  (You may also email us at if you prefer.)  Whether you need some closets done, a family room, Garage or boathouse storage we can help!

Space Solutions and The Home Renovation Tax Credit

We’ve been getting asked a lot about how what we do relates to the federal government’s new Home Renovation Tax Credit. The short answer is that yes, nearly everything that we do does qualify for the tax credit.  Since everything we do is custom designed to be installed in the space, our solutions meet the criteria of being “of an enduring nature and integral to the space”.  So whether you are redoing your walk-in closet, a garage. a murphy bed, or even just a set of sliding doors, you should be able to claim the expense under this new initiative.  Qualifying expenditures start at $1000, and you may claim against up to $10,000 of home improvements.  Our receipts and supporting documents will contain the information required for your claim.  For more information on the tax credit and how it applies to you, visit the government website on the matter at