Autumn is Garage Season too!

buy phentermine 37.5 tablets We often think of Spring as the time of year to focus on the Garage, as it’s when you start spending more time outside, and many of the things associated with the outdoors – gardening tools, sporting goods and bicycles – get stored in the Garage. Well, it follows then that as the weather cools, things start going away to nest for the winter (not to mention that soon it will be time to deal with snow shovels – yes, I know).  We’re working at the moment on a couple of garage projects that we hope to share with you all soon.

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buy phentermine uk There was a great article that made the newspapers this week with some fantastic tips to help you get your garage ready for the seasonal change. Even before considering what sort of system may be best for you, it’s a great idea to sort and purge what’s in there – no sense in organizing something you don’t need to keep – and sorting and grouping your things will make it that much easier to plan your next step.

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cheap phentermine without a prescription The full article is ativan cod overnight here. Here’s the recap of what to work on:

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  • Prepare. Have a plan of attack. This may include working with a phentermine cheap Professional Organizer.
  • Empty and Sort. Getting everything outside where you have more room to work will make it that much easier to determine what you have and what to do with it.
  • Purge. Do you really need that old tent with the holes in it?
  • Spruce it up. With your space mostly clear for the time being, now is the time to paint, fix the floor, lights, etc.
  • Build upward. Getting as much as possible off the floor and onto shelves, wall systems, in cabinets, etc, will give you that much more free space. Wouldn’t you like to be able to park your car in your garage?
  • Label Everything. If you’re putting everything in boxes, or behind doors, wouldn’t it be great to know where you put that hammer when you need it?
  • Maintain. Having the tools of organization is only useful to you if you actually use them. Designate homes for things, and be sure to house things where they go. It can be a challenge training you family to do so, but you’ll be glad you did! valium to buy Garage Complete Toronto cabinets slat wallSpace Solutions, of course, offers a wide range of solutions for Garages.  Visit the can you buy valium in vietnam Garage Page to see some of the many systems we work with, and please revisit ativan free fedex shipping this post to see a completed Space Solutions Garage Solution, including a video.

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The Complete Garage

buy phentermine 30mg capsules online Complete Toronto GarageHere we’d like to show you a recent Complete Garage installation, which completely transforms one customer’s space.   Like many busy families, our client has a wide array of sporting goods – including skis, bikes, and hockey gear – as well as their lawn and sidewalk tools.  Using a combination of cabinets by buy phentermine white pill blue specks Redline garagegear and slat wall panels by lorazepam prescription online StoreWALL, we filled all the available wall space to provide the maximum in storage and organization.  The finished product looks great, and the customer can still park their car in here!  Colors – “Pewter” for the cabinets, and “Weathered Gray” for the slat wall – were chosen in conjunction with their choice for the floor coating they had done.  (We don’t do the floors ourselves, but would be happy to put you in contact with Doug at Applied Industrial Flooring, who did this flooring project.) prescription phentermine online xanax and valium online Toronto Complete Garage West view buy ativan online overnight

generic diazepam mylan As with most garages, some of the many challenges presented by this one include the passage required for the garage door, the electrical panel near the entrance, and the tank for the central vacuum system.  You can see here that the slat wall was trimmed out around the electrical panel, and we staggered the heights of the cabinets to clear the garage door track.  On the right hand side of this photo you can see that we’ve managed to hang most of the winter sports gear: skis, sleds and hockey equipment. Accessories went behind doors inside the cabinets, including some of the warm weather gear, like golf bags.

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buy adipex online amazon klonopin online ach In the back, we positioned a lot of the summer gear, like the bicycles, tennis and baseball equipment, etc.  At the end we also had to work around the central vac tank, a spigot on the wall for the garden hose, and various bulkheads at the ceiling.  The versatility of StoreWALL’s PVC panels (you wouldn’t want to mount MDF slat wall around the plumbing!) makes performing those cutouts smooth and simple, and where required, the matching trims finish off the gaps with a framing effect.  And of course, the whole point of using slat wall is that the various hooks and accessories can be easily relocated as the customer’s needs and belongings change. cheap valium to buy xanax for sale paypal Toronto Complete Garage East wallAt the front end, we find the outdoorsy things: rakes, brooms, shovels, the garbage bins, and the ever-ready bag of rock salt for winter.  Cabinets on this side of the garage are housing things like holiday decorations, things for the car, and with all the extra storage we’ve created, they can even clear out some of the storage from inside the house.  Imagine that: you can even use your Complete Garage to allow you to reclaim space inside your house! lorazepam no order onlines prescription Request an in-home consultation to get started on your complete garage today! soma free mail shipping cheap xanax from mexico And look! We’ve shot a short video as a walk-through of this finished project, highlighting the various features and benefits of RedLine garagegear, StoreWALL, and even the flooring.  We’ve posted it on our valium prescription without You Tube channel, but you can watch it right here by clicking on the video frame below. valium 10mg xanax 2mg

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Garage Renovation in The Toronto Star

buy klonopin online paypal There’s a great article in today’s Toronto Star about a Garage makeover by HGTV’s Colin and Justin.  It’s a great Before and After piece, showing how you can reclaim that space!  Many of the products shown – overhead storage, slat wall and cabinets – are available from us.  In fact, our phentermine cod  StoreWALL product is a more versatile product than the slat wall they used in this reno, coming in more colors and with more accessories.  The cabinet line they used is real phentermine online 2015 RedLine garagegear, for which valium highest mg Space Solutions is the exclusive Toronto dealer.  We have garagegear cabinets and StoreWALL on display in our showroom – visit our Garages page to learn more about what we do for garage storage!

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Garage Season buy ativan online StoreWALL 021309 lorazepam buy soma online coupon code Well, we’re at that time of year again.  Spring has indeed arrived; the weather is – generally – beautiful, things are sprouting, and it’s time to turn our attention to the outside.  For many of us, it’s now also time to turn our attention to the cheapest place buy phentermine online Garage. We’ve put away our snow shovels for the winter (We think. And am I the only one who never used his this year?) and time to dust off the lawn mower, hedge trimmer and garden gloves; and also it’s time to swap the skis and toboggans for the golf clubs and tennis rackets.  Many of us forget during the winter just how much we are storing in our garage, and now that we’re looking for that patio chair or barbecue tank, we’re stumbling over all the other things we keep in there.  That may mean that it’s time to have a garage sale – it’s that time of year, too – but maybe you’ve purged enough already. What you need is a better system.

soma overnight cheap lorazepam 1 mg to buy gdn-2567-corner-edit.jpg buy soma in atlanta pharmacy clonazepam no prescription Space Solutions has the means to let you reclaim the space in your garage. If you live in the city of Toronto, you’re likely lucky to even be able to park your car in the garage, as many older homes have garages that date back well before the dawn of the minivan and SUV.   Even with a larger space, a family with children will find that bicycles, skateboards and hockey nets take up much of the space that would otherwise house your vehicle.  Getting as much of the kids’ things off the floor as possible will go a long way towards freeing up that space.  carisoprodol purchase online StoreWALL‘s slat wall system is a great place to start. With holders to hang bicycles, baskets for sports balls and hooks for all sorts of sporting goods and garden tools, you can have a better organized space in no time.  A wall covered with StoreWALL looks great too, and is resistant to weather damage and mildew. The patented locking mechanism on StoreWALL’s accessories keep things secure on the wall, because you need your garage to be a safe place, too.  Hang Mom and Dad’s bikes up high, and mount the kids’ bikes lower where they can reach them, and be amazed at how much floor space you recover. how to buy klonopin buy ativan online reviews space-solutions2-054152-2-edit.jpg

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cheap 2mg xanax bars klonopin fedex no prescription RedLine’s garagegear cabinets provide a great solution for tools and smaller items.  Not every Toronto garage is going to have the space for cabinets, but even if you can get a small series in one corner, all those cans of paint, hammers (if you’re like me, you have 4 of them), light bulbs, Christmas decorations – they can all have a neat, tidy home.  Garagegear cabinets are powder-coated, making them also resistant to moisture and most chemicals.  Include a heavy-duty workbench top, and the hobbyist or home handyman has a durable, convenient place to work.  The best thing about about our garage cabinets is that they’re mounted off the floor to the wall, so they are away from wet, sloping garage floors.  Our trained installers guarantee to get it right, so you don’t have to worry about your things, your car, or your kids. buy xanax with american express buy klonopin online reviews The Garage page on our website features more pictures of garage ideas, as well as links to our garage suppliers’ websites and color options. Visit our showroom to our offerings in person, we’ll also be happy to do a site visit and come up with a proposal for your space. buy phentermine wholesale

Did You Know Space Solutions Sells InterMetro Shelving?

order phentermine online forum Space Solutions proudly carries Metro Shelving for flexible, heavy duty applications.  Use it in your garage, your storage locker, your pantry (including their fantastic wine cradle shelves) – even your spare room or home office. These heavy-duty shelves assemble in a snap without the use of tools, and can hold between 300 and 800 lbs per shelf, depending on the size.  Shelves may be adjusted height-wise at 1″ intervals, so you can accommodate anything you need to store.

online prescription for klonopin buy xanax without We stock Metro’s buy soma uk Professional’s Choice series in black and chrome – shelves in this series come in 6 sizes, and units can be assembled in a variety of heights.  Also available by special order is their legitimate phentermine online 2013 Super Erecta shelving, considered commercial grade.  The shelves feature a denser mesh, so they may hold a  higher concentration of weight.  There are also many more sizes to choose from, with 6 depths and plenty of length options.  For either series, addons such as wheels and hooks may be added to make your units completely functional.  For more information, please come in to the store, or email us.

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A Garage Project order diazepam europe It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about sorting out your garage.  You may think of us mostly for our closets – well, think of the garage as a closet for your car.  Everyone will have their own assortment of miscellaneous things in their garage: workshop tools, sports gear, lawn and garden equipment, automotive parts.  We can help with all of these things and more, with a variety of solutions for you.  Our buy phentermine diet pills cheap RedLine garagegear system offers heavy duty powder coated cabinets for stashing away all those things that you need, but don’t want left out in the open.  For the “grab-and-go” items – rakes, brooms, hoses, etc – a wall system of hooks and racks will usually suit the bill. 200 mg valium Schulte’s Activity Organizers system offers the ability to interchange a variety of organizers on a metal grid.  For a larger wall space and a more finished look, buy phentermine melbourne StoreWALL slat wall panels are a great alternative to traditional mdf slat wall.  Stronger than mdf, StoreWALL panels are made of a heavy duty PVC to prevent warping. buy soma online overnight carisoprodol 350 mg webmd We recently did a cabinet installation with RedLine garagegear that posed an interesting challenge.  The customer’s garage had a jog in the corner, and the request was to build cabinets on the adjacent walls around the jog, and leave a small counter space next to the door to the house.  If the cabinets are too close on either side, the doors won’t open.  Similarly, if the cabinets are too far away from the jog, a deep space is created that things can get “lost” in.  So we put a filler panel in between the cabinets, to create the proper spacing and to complete the look.  Closer to the garage door, the customer installed some of our StoreWALL panels and hooks, for the grab-and-go things.  You can see the finished installation by clicking on the thumbnails below.  The cabinet color is called Sandstone; the slat wall color is Cedar.  You can get more information about our garage offerings by viewing our Garages page.  We also have examples of all of our offerings installed at our Eglinton showroom. valium for tmj disorder

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Garage Solutions

soma valium online Garage flyerYou may have just received our garage flyer in The Globe and Mail, or through our mailing list. Please have a look at the Garages tab on the site and you will find some of the same images as well as some others. We’ve put up a little information to get you started, and you may also link to our suppliers’ sites from there as well. You will find that at this time only Activity Organizers are available through our web store – other product lines are available through our stores, and may require installation by one of our expert installers. We have recently installed full displays at both stores of alprazolam order lorazepam RedLine garagegear cabinets, ordering klonopin online StoreWall and buy soma cheap cainida no rx needed Schulte Activity Organizers. You may view color samples and get more information there. We are very excited to show you our Garage Solutions program, and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Email us for more information, or call us at 416.489.1055!

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