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Space Solutions in Toronto, ON on Houzz Valium roche 10mg usa Photos of our work on Houzz have been added to Ideabooks over 10,000 times! That means a lot of you are finding inspiration in our projects. Below are five of our most popular projects on Houzz – comprising Built-ins, a Murphy Bed, even an entire Master Bedroom including Wardrobes. Click through the images to see full galleries of these projects, and see what inspires you! phentermine 30 mg order
Toronto Waterfront Condo by Space Solutions on Houzz order ambien uk  

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Family Room Antique White Built-In by Space Solutions on Houzz

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North Toronto Home Office with Murphy Bed by Space Solutions on Houzz Effects Lorazepam  

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Midtown Toronto Family Room Fireplace Surround Treatment by Space Solutions on Houzz

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Midtown Toronto Master Bedroom by Space Solutions on Houzz buy soma kamagra uk  

Liberty Village Loft Home Office and bar

buy real soma online High-gloss laminates continue to be very popular, and this project in a loft in Toronto’s Liberty Village is a great example of using high-gloss to its strengths. We designed and installed two areas in this loft, a home office that doubles as a wardrobe, along with built-in bar and linen storage in the other room. clonazepam buy online
desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets 350 Mg Soma This home office installation doubles as a bedroom work station and wardrobe. buy ambien cr in canada

Cheap Generic Soma Wall to wall cabinets in a converted factory loft space, this nook in the bedroom creates a dynamic home office. The cabinet exteriors use a high-gloss melamine called Antracita. The recessed open shelving is a What Is Ativan Given for textured woodgrain laminate, this one is called Castellina, and the desk surface uses a formica Stainless Steel laminate. The upper doors lift upwards on stays, and we used stainless steel pulls and handles on drawers and doors. We used LED puck lights over the work surface for task lighting. buy xanax prescription online
desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets

soma with free fedex overnight The high-gloss finishes provide a modern contrast to historical brick.

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desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets order xanax bars online Using woodgrain laminates for the open shelves provides a further interesting contrast. valium line order

buy klonopin in canada Outside the bedroom, we also built two custom cabinets in alcoves that straddle the entrance to the bathroom. On the right side, we built a tall upper structure that serves as linen storage with drawers below, divided with an exposed brick area and another stainless countertop. On the left side of the bathroom entrance we built a bar. buy adipex mexico
dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving buy soma uk High-gloss cabinets take advantage of the height and bridge the entrance to the bathroom.

buy soma in utah Lorazepam Drug Classification The client supplied an industrial hanging light, which shines through the glass shelves that sit in front of yet more exposed brick. Additional enclosed storage sits below another stainless counter, and all doors and drawers in these cabinets feature handle-less, touch-latch hardware for clean lines. The white high-gloss laminate flows with the rest of this space nicely, leaving the exposed brick and the stainless counters to be the features, whereas in the bedroom, the darker high-gloss laminate on the home office is the defining feature, making the desktop and brick secondary.

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dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving

cheap phentermine uk Linen storage is situated between the bedroom and the bathroom. buy zithromax online overnight shipping
dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving

Soma 350Mg Tab This custom bar area features glass shelves in front of exposed brick for a classic look. cheap overnight phentermine

Soma Online Uk High-gloss laminates come in no prescription Klonopin next day a variety of colors, and are ideal for converted lofts such as this. Ready to get started on your own custom built-in wall unit? Call us Valium generic uk during business hours at can you get real phentermine online anymore 416.322.5575, or after hours, klonopin 1mg blue use this handy form to request an in-home consultation! buy brand klonopin online Soma 350 Online Photos by Aaron Mason. buy xanax locally

A Murphy Bed with an eye for design

buy phentermine online uk only A perfect custom zithromax sale online Murphy Bed should blend into its surroundings so that the room is transformed smoothly into a multi-function space. Murphy Beds will most often be part of a custom cabinet scenario that includes additional storage, but can also be used in conjunction with a desk in a home office, a wardrobe in a spare bedroom, a media / game center in a family room or toy storage in a child’s play area. In this case, it’s a home office; a desk runs underneath the window and there is more than enough room for a Murphy Bed on the adjacent wall. Soma SHIPPED COD ON SATURDAY DELIVERY ~ Soma COD SATURDAY
wall bed custom cabinets

clenbuterol 90 caps Double Side Tilt Murphy Bed in Sand and Southwester with stained wood desktop

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Online pharmacy Valium no prescription This Murphy Bed design features a newly popular woodgrain melamine finish called Carisoprodol Cod Southwester, which has been getting buy xanax g3722 a lot of use lately on our projects; it has elements of gray mixed in with the brown wood hues and conveys a natural, almost rustic look which really pops in a variety of projects. Here it serves as the foundation in this custom Murphy Bed, used as the trim, open shelving, back panels and fronts for the drawers under the desk top. Playing with the direction of the grain (subject to size and orientation of the piece) allows for some creative usage; on the backpanels the Southwester grain runs vertically, but on the drawer faces it runs horizontally. Prescription Clonazepam cod
wall bed

Soma Cod Double Side Tilt Murphy Bed in Sand and Southwester showing angled headboard carisoprodol 350 mg webmd

buy adipex diet pills online cheap Two-tone combinations have long been popular on any type of custom cabinet installation, including wall units, wardrobes and entertainment centers, but traditionally the contrasting finish has often been white. In this Murphy Bed design, a supermat laminate called Sand Beige was selected. phentermine tablets online Supermat is a type of finish that is ultra smooth, and matte; it doesn’t have a gloss sheen to it, or even a typical melamine texture to it, it’s that smooth. Here it is used to great effect, as the door panel on the Murphy Bed itself, the overhead flip-up doors (concealing bedding storage) and the lower door and file drawers on the desk side. Using Sand Beige with Southwester here brings out the warmer tones in this layout and brightens the space, will keeping it soft and subtle. Supermat laminates are available in a variety of colours, and we have samples at our showroom – you’ll want to feel them for yourself!

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custom cabinetry

buy clonazepam online canada Upper detail around Murphy Bed, showing varying grain direction, depths and top cap treatment

Soma Medication Online 5mg valium vs 1mg Xanax Anytime we are installing custom cabinets around a corner or window (or both, as in this case) this gives us an opportunity to creatively solve a problem or how to bring materials together and keep the flow continuous. Sometimes walls aren’t straight, angles may not be perfect and at the end of the day the solution needs to make sense functionally as well as structurally – it has to go together somehow. Here we elected to have the shelving next to the Murphy Bed step back twice, with the deepest shelving directly over the bed, and the shallowest – display depth – in the corner facing the side of the desk, overhanging a recessed backer. This stepping feature is also mimicked across the top where we have provided cap shelves to fill the space at the ceiling, with a simple yet elegant detail as those pieces sit proud. The vertical trim next to the shallowest shelf area tucks in neatly behind the window frame.

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computer desk, work station

Buy Soma Carisoprodol Online File drawers (left) and pencil drawers (right) sit underneath the stained wood desktop

buy xanax us to us real phentermine pills online For the desk surface itself we used solid wood, and had it stained to compliment the flooring in this space. Under the desk at the seating area we provided a pair of pencil drawers, and on the lower left, in easy reach from a seated position, a pair of drawers for hanging files. While it is unlikely you would be sitting at that desk while the Murphy Bed is in use, there’s just enough space in this arrangement to do so if you wish. Contemporary brushed chrome handles on the Murphy Bed, file drawers, liftup doors (and the little door in the corner) unify the design and add a touch of flair to the space. buy clonazepam online overnight

buy soma in Montreal This Murphy Bed project is one of 5 areas in the same North Toronto home that were recently custom designed and installed by Space Solutions, and we’ll be sharing more from this shoot with you soon. Photographs by Aaron Mason. Soma 350 Mg Generic

5 custom storage projects to inspire you in 2016

Soma 350 Mg Street Value How are you going to get organized in 2016? Maybe it’s time to overhaul your closet with a custom closet design, or you’re ready to tackle the family room with custom cabinets, or maybe this is the year you get your home office fully organized and set up to take that next step. Space Solutions offers solutions for these and other spaces throughout your home with custom cabinetry in endless finish options. You’re ready to take that next step – here are 5 projects from our Houzz listing to inspire you, and get you on your way to clearing your New Year’s resolutions. buy phentermine 30mg blue and white capsule

A contemporary home office Watson Carisoprodol This installation showcases an L-shaped home office scenario, with included wire management channels room for two work stations. The laminates used on the custom cabinets are white “super matte” (an exciting, ultra-smooth finish, available in a variety of solid colours) and southwester woodgrain melamine. Drawers feature lateral file runners, for both legal and letter sized files. We also installed high-intensity LED strip lighting, embedded in the underside of the upper cabinets on both sides. buying klonopin

Custom closets Soma Rx Even a simple reachin closet, done right, is an elegant effective solution to get you started on the right foot in 2016. Custom design allows us to design a custom closet that suits your needs, your space, your taste and your budget. phentermine topiramate purchase

A custom Murphy bed order soma with no prescription This side-tilt double Murphy bed uses chrome pulls and a beautiful melamine finish called “Linen”. The overhead and adjacent storage is stepped back, with the top-most levels all sitting just a little proud, creating a nice, simple detail. We also built a small desk area to the left of the bed, complete with over head storage and drawers. We can build our Murphy beds using a wide range of styles and finishes, and complement them with fully custom cabinetry around them, making your spare bedroom a home office, family room, library or more. order phentermine cheap

A wall unit with a fireplace Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol This project offers a bit of everything: wardrobes, drawer and laundry storage, a space for the TV and even a wall-mounted electric fireplace. When working with fireplaces you supply your own, and we build the cabinet to suit. Modern flat-panel fireplaces, just like flat-screen televisions, lend themselves nicely towards working with custom cabinets in any room. buy adipex online with a prescription

A traditional library Soma Medicine This den was outfitted with luxurious stained wood to create a beautiful and functional library. The ultimate in custom cabinetry, featuring traditional five-piece solid wood on doors and drawer fronts, and real wood (maple) veneer on shelves and side panels, Space Solutions will have your custom den, home office, wall unit or library stained to suit and beautifully finished.

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Free in-home consultation

buy phentermine 37.5 Feeling inspired yet? These are merely a starting point of what Space Solutions can do for you. Get organized in 2016 with custom cabinets and storage solutions throughout your home. Book your free in-home consultation now by calling us at 416.322.5575 or make a request with this handy form.

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High-Gloss Laminate Trends

Carisoprodol India work station Loft High-gloss laminates are in higher demand than ever before, and Space Solutions offers a full range of incredible colors Generic Valium from china from a buy soma in annapolis variety of buy roche valium india sources. Where once upon a time, if you wanted a glossy finish on your cabinets you needed to invest in lacquer finishes – which we still offer as well – you can now choose from a dynamic pallette of solid colors, woodgrains and other patterns with a durable, high-gloss finish for less cost. The home office to the left is from a recent project in a loft space near Liberty Village in Toronto. We used a high-gloss finish called Antracita for the cabinet exteriors – doors, drawer fronts, fillers and end panels. The dark gray hue of the high-gloss board is highly reflective, and brings light to a space in a way that a traditional matte dark finish never could. The cabinet interiors were done using a matte version of the same color. As a contrast, here we used a textured woodgrain melamine called Castellina for the open shelves and back panel above the work surface, and for that surface itself we used a laminate in a stainless steel finish. You can see where to buy xanax 2mg more of this project on our Houzz page, where we show other angles, and also some additional cabinets in a high-gloss white in the entertaining area. This loft offered an interesting challenge with its rustic restored flooring and exposed brick, and the high-gloss finish proved to be an amazing complement.

buy clonazepam cheap CHEAP Phentermine NEXT DAY SHIPPING ~ CHEAP Phentermine OVERNIGHT High Gloss White Built-In Wardrobe TorontoNo question, white remains the most popular choice in high-gloss laminates, as it is readily available in all formats that we work with – melamine, thermoplastic, HPLs, and more. A high-gloss thermoplastic option is important if you wish to have a formed, shaker-style door, for example, or if you prefer to have the laminate wrap the edge on a flat slab door, instead of the seam you get using melamine and separate edgebanding. But considering that the preference for high-gloss tends to coincide most often with a preference for a flat, linear style, the color options are broadening all the time. Here’s a wardrobe we did for another customer in their condo. We used a high-gloss white thermo laminate, which wraps the edges of the material without seams. Again, as if often the case, we used regular white melamine for the cabinet interiors – basically, you want all the aspects that you see on a regular basis to match, and be that higher-end finish, but there’s no point in using the high-gloss material on the interior where it won’t be seen. Combined with our old favorite, the “towel bar” handle, it makes for a classic combination.

Soma Watson Brand Online phentermine clinic visalia ca Here are some other examples of different ways to use high-gloss materials on your next project! Klonopin COD SHIPPING buy phentermine 37.5 canada high gloss door buy phentermine generic

Soma Generic This cabinet was constructed largely using a melamine finish called Aria. But this dual-purpose cabinet needed an innovative way to conceal a television, so we added a sliding panel using a high-gloss melamine called Euroline 2. Shokugeki No Soma 17 Online Soma In Usa Herbal Soma
Buy Valium china sliding closet doors

Real Soma Online

buy xanax europe This project featured high-gloss drawer fronts inside the closet, and high-gloss white panels using our sliding door hardware for a truly unique result. Roche Valium no prescription where can i buy adipex 37.5 valium prescription singapore cheap xanax in mexico two tone Murphy Bed

10 mg Valium equals much xanax Valium flying 2mg Here’s a twist on working with high-gloss. In this case, we used a green apple high-gloss for the back panels on this wood grain Murphy Bed. In combination with the LED lights we added across the top, the contrast of the glossy backers with the matte melamine really stands out. buy soma in Calgary

where can i buy original phentermine Come to our showroom, where we can show you our full range of high-gloss options, and see how we work. And then set up an in-home consultation to meet with our of our designers, who will take measurements and go through concepts with you, and come up with a plan for your next project. Ready to book now? Fill out this handy form and one of us will be in touch to get started! klonopin no prescription overnight shipping

The Condo Wardrobe – Stylish and Essential Valium 1000mg Condo Home Office Toronto High Gloss White Laminate wardrobeWe all know that condo living has its advantages and disadvantages, and one of the latter can be space. Fortunately, Space Solutions has been dealing with small and unusual spaces for 27 years now, and our expertise and custom design really got a workout on this recent project. The home office shown to the left is situated in a condo between its entrance and an open kitchen. On the immediate left of the cabinetry is the original entrance closet – that closet is half-occupied by the stacked washer and dryer, with the remaining half being used for storage of cleaning products and linens. After replacing the standard builder-grade mirrored doors with our own lorazepam buy aluminum-framed white lami glass doors, we needed to create a new closet wardrobe for the entrance. The tall cabinet section in this photo shows the wardrobe that we built, complete with drawers below. We used high-gloss white laminate for all exteriors, to match the facing of the kitchen cabinets, which are opposite this unit. The light source atop the cabinets is something we provided, we used LED strip lighting across the wardrobe top, facing the ceiling, to provide some ambient lighting for that corner, as the overhead fixture is a bit distant. Along the adjacent wall, we built a desk, which includes file drawers down below, and an overhead cabinet with lift-up doors. All doors and drawers on the wardrobe and cabinets feature touch-latch hardware (press the door or drawer lightly and it pops open) avoiding handles or knobs, and preserving the clean lines of the design.

Soma London Online

carisoprodol purchase online Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo wardrobe - closed    Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo - left    Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo - right purchase phentermine and topiramate buy soma in Kelowna The bedroom presented another challenge. There were two narrow closets on either side of the entrance to the en suite bathroom. Each was again covered with a pair of very narrow, builder-grade sliding mirrored doors. We wanted to increase the access to the wardrobes, and at the same time increase their usefulness, without affecting access to the bathroom in between. The solution: our top-hung bypass doors. Using the same door profiles and glass as our regular sliding doors, we use their top-hung hardware to create a single large panel for each closet, which slides completely to the side, in front of the bathroom door, to reveal the entire left or right closet. The top hang feature means that there is no floor track in front of the entrance to the bathroom, so you don’t have to steop over it each time you enter and exit. And while it is unlikely that one would need closet access while the bathroom is in use, on the off chance that happens, the doors have the same grip on front of back so they may be opened and closed from either side.

Soma Online In Usa buy carisoprodol online condo sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto - closed   condo sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto - right

Soma And Norco

can you buy valium over the counter in usa In the second bedroom there was another small closet. In this case, we used our regular version of our sliding doors, and again replaced the existing mirrored doors. For the interior, we did something that we also did in the left hand closet of the master closet above, and built our drawers extra deep to get the most capacity out of them, but left the shelves shallower in order to make them more useful higher up. In both closets, we made the drawers with scooped fronts to again avoid handles – in this case, it was to ensure they did not interfere with the sliding doors. Best site to buy Valium Carisoprodol 350 Mg We also recorded some video clips of this project, and will be sharing them soon! Soma From India

Stained Wood Built Ins klonopin yellow Wood, as opposed to woodgrain melamine, might be considered overly extravagant for use in a simple closet, but for a built in in your den or family room, you can achieve a beautiful look, stained to your specification. Our designers will meet with you to go through options for moldings, 5-piece door and drawer profiles, wood species and we will even have a sample door stained with the colour of your choosing for you to approve. Here we’ll show you a couple of stained wood built ins we have installed in the past year, so you may see exactly what it’s all about! Watson Soma 350Mg

Ativan as Muscle Relaxer Stained Wood Den Toronto adipex-p phentermine buy Here we see the main walls of a stained wood built in for a den. The cabinets run wall to wall, and stop short of the right hand wall as there is a full height window there. The backs of the cabinets are, in this case, painted MDF, which the client had painted to complement the remaining wall colour, as well as the antique rug. The back panels help anchor the structure physically, but also visually, and the dark stain applied to the wood accents the room beautifully. 30 mg Valium too much 3 Mg Ativan Stained Wood Built In Den over door Toronto buying xanax in thailand On the left hand side, the cabinetry extends over top of a doorway, providing additional overhead storage and bridging the space to the left, which was a shorter wall, so it received a shorter version of the cabinet on the wall opposite. You can see it in the image below. buy phentermine k25 37.5 mg

generic diazepam tablets Stained Wood Den short wall Toronto what is the street value of valium 10mg soma fedex delivery Below are a couple of looks at trim details on this project. You can see that the cabinets and crown went right to the ceiling, and on the left side some tricky corners were mitered and applied. Where sections of shelves and doors are divided, we used a combination of wide and narrow fluted columns.

cheap phentermine 37.5 tablets phentermine cheapest price online Stained Wood Den trim details TorontoStained Wood Den vertical trims Toronto Valium brand 10mg

buy soma free consultation This next project was for a home office in a spare room with unusual angles. We designed two separate wood built ins for this couple, essentially a His and a Hers home office. The His side was larger, and the two adjacent walls met at less than a 90 degree angle, which would have made the interior corner of the desktop unusable. So we actually installed a false wall across the corner, bringing the end point further forward to allow the cabinets to wrap the corner more effectively.

pill valium 10mg can you buy adipex at walmart Stained Wood Home Office Toronto soma order overnight shipping Ativan Long Term Use Side Effects On the opposite side of the room we installed a smaller version of the desk arrangement, again wrapping the corner and going to the ceiling. On both structures we used a combination of details – fluted columns, crown molding, baseboard ogee moldings on shelves and 5-piece constructed drawer fronts and doors. (You’ll notice that the profiles on this home office differ from the doors used in the den project shown earlier.) clonazepam online valium 30mg anxiety Stained Wood Home Office Smaller wall TorontoWe also created finished end panels on the cabinets using applied moldings. An added challenge on this project were the finishing details top and bottom: the crown was brought right to the ceiling, which was finished with a “popcorned” stucco, but our craftsman, Joe, performed this perfectly. At the base of the unit, which can be seen in this detail closeup, the cabinet baseboard is obviously not the same size or profile as the room’s own baseboard.  Again, the pieces meet beautifully, another challenge successfully met. Soma the Stroke Soma Drugs Online Stained Wood Home Office molding detail TorontoAnother nice accent on this project were the screen panels added to some of the doors. Screen panels are often used in radiator covers or entertainment centers to obscure a piece of equipment, but in this case the antique copper panels provide a nice accent to both cabinets, and break up the facing with some extra depth. The antique brass knobs and handles bring everything together.

can i buy phentermine over the counter carisoprodol 350 mg oral tablet Stained Wood Home Office Mesh Screen detail TorontoBoth of these projects used similar materials, but clearly they were able to achieve very different results. For wood, most often maple is used, but different species – such as walnut, or ash – are available, which can produce dramatically different results in terms of grain and color. Panels used as sides of cabinets and shelves are most often wood veneer applied to a particle board or MDF core; this keeps costs manageable yet still provides a real wood appearance. Moldings are solid wood, so that they may be milled to their patterns and profiles. Drawer fronts and doors are made in a 5-piece construction, meaning they literally have 5 pieces to them: horizontal pieces top and bottom, vertical pieces left and right, and an insert piece in the middle. When things are stained, the natural variances in the wood are often revealed, and it is this genuine aspect of working with wood that you simply can not achieve when using laminates with prints.

Tablet Valium 10mg Buy Clonazepam Online cod A stained wood project does mean a longer than typical turn around time – usually at least 6 weeks rather than the more typical 3 to 4 weeks that most of our work requires.  The installation of projects like these can take longer too; both of the projects featured here took a little over a week each to complete, as many things need to cut and fitted on site.  The results speak for themselves. Prozac Valium borderline personality disorder valium 5mg strong If you are interested in exploring a stained wood solution it’s time to get started with an Ativan for Anxiety and Depression in-home consultation, or visit phentermine 37.5 mg paypal our showroom at Bayview and Eglinton.

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