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Murphy Beds in the Globe and Mail

Toronto Murphy Bed double side tilt custom cabinet deskwall bed

Recently the Globe and Mail published an article about Murphy Beds and spoke to Andrew about what we can do for you. We make Murphy Beds for single, double and queen size mattresses, with both vertical and horizontal orientations. The Murphy Bed installation shown here we’ve written about before, and is a side-tilt double. The Globe article also offers some great tips on selecting a mattress (we don’t supply mattresses, so the mattress you provide is entirely up to you!) whether you’re purchasing for a Murphy Bed or a conventional bed. With a Murphy Bed, you don’t require a boxspring, as the mattress rests on the backside of the cabinet door.

Have look at our Murphy Beds gallery for inspiration on what we can do for you today!

12 Ways to Work Your Wardrobe

Here’s a great article on Houzz with some very useful closet organizing tips! Of course, we can provide elegant, functional and reasonable custom closet solutions for you, but these pointers are useful both for maintaining your solution, or even if you’re not in the market for one.

You can visit our Houzz profile here, where we showcase many of our more interesting projects and offerings!

Get organized in 2013

Did you make Getting Organized one of your New Year’s resolutions this year? How high is it on your list? Setting this as a priority may not be as high on some lists as losing weight or quitting a nasty habit, but decluttering is just as important and rewarding an achievement. Space Solutions can of course help you with the big tools you’ll need to keep things in order, whether it is in your closet, your home office or garage, with one of our custom solutions, tailored to your needs and you space. But it’s not just the big things: there’s no point in creating a system for something that you don’t need. A trained, certified Professional Organizer can help you get on the path to organization, before we come in, and in concert with what we do. We work with many Professional Organizers on a regular basis, and they specialize and focus on projects and chaos of varying levels. They’ll help you forge a system and stick to it, and help you get even more value out of your space and your solution.

POC logo

Recently, our friend Tina Blazer of Spot On Organizing contributed a feature, Make space for the new year! 8 ways to declutter, which appeared in the Toronto Sun. She offers some quick tips for what to do and how to get started – you may not need the services of a professional to start making a difference, but if you do, someone like Tina is a great help.

If the link above doesn’t work for you, you may view the article here:

8 ways to declutter Toronto Sun Spot On Organizing

Autumn is Garage Season too!

We often think of Spring as the time of year to focus on the Garage, as it’s when you start spending more time outside, and many of the things associated with the outdoors – gardening tools, sporting goods and bicycles – get stored in the Garage. Well, it follows then that as the weather cools, things start going away to nest for the winter (not to mention that soon it will be time to deal with snow shovels – yes, I know).  We’re working at the moment on a couple of garage projects that we hope to share with you all soon.

There was a great article that made the newspapers this week with some fantastic tips to help you get your garage ready for the seasonal change. Even before considering what sort of system may be best for you, it’s a great idea to sort and purge what’s in there – no sense in organizing something you don’t need to keep – and sorting and grouping your things will make it that much easier to plan your next step.

The full article is here. Here’s the recap of what to work on:

  • Prepare. Have a plan of attack. This may include working with a Professional Organizer.
  • Empty and Sort. Getting everything outside where you have more room to work will make it that much easier to determine what you have and what to do with it.
  • Purge. Do you really need that old tent with the holes in it?
  • Spruce it up. With your space mostly clear for the time being, now is the time to paint, fix the floor, lights, etc.
  • Build upward. Getting as much as possible off the floor and onto shelves, wall systems, in cabinets, etc, will give you that much more free space. Wouldn’t you like to be able to park your car in your garage?
  • Label Everything. If you’re putting everything in boxes, or behind doors, wouldn’t it be great to know where you put that hammer when you need it?
  • Maintain. Having the tools of organization is only useful to you if you actually use them. Designate homes for things, and be sure to house things where they go. It can be a challenge training you family to do so, but you’ll be glad you did!

Garage Complete Toronto cabinets slat wallSpace Solutions, of course, offers a wide range of solutions for Garages.  Visit the Garage Page to see some of the many systems we work with, and please revisit this post to see a completed Space Solutions Garage Solution, including a video.

Space Solutions in Style At Home’s 100+ Best Designer Secrets issue

Last fall, we did a closet makeover for Stephanie Saunders, and at the time, a profile of her space was shown on CityLine. Style At Home magazine has just released their 100+ Best Designer Secrets issue, and Stephanie’s project gets covered there too. Pick up a copy on newstands now and have a look! Thanks Stephanie!

Stephanie Saunders Style At Home Closet doors City Line CityLine


The following was originally posted on October 13, 2011.

Today our friend, stylist Stephanie Saunders presented a makeover of her condo on CityLine‘s Home Day that we contributed a closet renovation towards. She’s done a wonderful job of bringing modern and traditional looks together, and shows you that white need not be boring! You can watch the entire episode by clicking here.

CityLine Space Solutions White Closet High Gloss white

This reach-in closet interior (click the image to view the original sketch of the layout in a new window) is constructed in white melamine, with high-gloss white drawer fronts. We’ve provided clothes hanging on either side of the tower, and ample shoe storage below the long clothes hanging; Stephanie has selected some of her favourite shoes to sit in a prominent space atop the bank of drawers. It looks great. We’ve also closed off the closet with a set of our sliding doors. The aluminum hardware uses the Niagara profile, and features mullion strips on top of high-gloss white insert panels, carrying the look that she has employed in the rest of the bedroom to the closet, both inside and out. Stephanie’s entire project looks great, and Space Solutions is proud to have been a part of it.

Here are a couple of quick images from the production, so you may see the finished product in more detail.

CityLine Space Solutions Niagara doors High Gloss White TorontoCityLine Space Solutions Closet High Gloss White Toronto

What is a Professional Organizer?

POC logo

Something we get asked about a lot at Space Solutions  is about Professional Organizers, and how are they distinct from what we do. Think of it like this: a professional organizer guides you through the process of organizing your life – and to what degree will vary based on your needs and the services offered. Their goal is to bring order to chaos, and they help their clients reorganize and structure their homes, and in many cases sort and purge.  (Why go through the effort of organizing something you don’t need?) It’s about helping you become more efficient, and find what you need when you need it. It’s a great service. Many times, a professional organizer will bring us in at some point in the process so that we can provide storage and closet solutions. We work closely with many organizers, helping them bring their vision to life, and order to their clients.

Professional organizers have different specialties – some focus on downsizing, some on moves, others on specific areas in the home like a closet or home office, and others still with the entire home. There are many we work with on a regular basis, and will happily recommend them if one of our customers has the need. You can search for a Professional Organizer near you on the Professional Organizers of Canada website, and find someone who specializes in the area(s) you need most help with.

We’ll soon be featuring guest blog posts by some of the professional organizers we know, and they’ll be taking the time to tell you about their services, where their specialties lie, and how they can help you. Stay tuned!


You may be new to our website, having seen our insert in today’s Globe and Mail. If so, welcome!  As you can see, Space Solutions offers a wide-range of custom storage solutions for every space in your home.  We’ve been making small closets BIG since 1986, but we’re more than just closet organizers – we do Home Offices, Murphy Beds, Mudrooms, Garages and more!   Visit our showroom at Bayview and Eglinton where we can show you examples and samples of the things we can do for you, or arrange for a free in-home consultation. One of our designers can come to your home, take measurements, go through portfolio ideas with you and put together a plan and a quote for your project.

The Complete Garage

Complete Toronto GarageHere we’d like to show you a recent Complete Garage installation, which completely transforms one customer’s space.   Like many busy families, our client has a wide array of sporting goods – including skis, bikes, and hockey gear – as well as their lawn and sidewalk tools.  Using a combination of cabinets by Redline garagegear and slat wall panels by StoreWALL, we filled all the available wall space to provide the maximum in storage and organization.  The finished product looks great, and the customer can still park their car in here!  Colors – “Pewter” for the cabinets, and “Weathered Gray” for the slat wall – were chosen in conjunction with their choice for the floor coating they had done.  (We don’t do the floors ourselves, but would be happy to put you in contact with Doug at Applied Industrial Flooring, who did this flooring project.)

Toronto Complete Garage West view

As with most garages, some of the many challenges presented by this one include the passage required for the garage door, the electrical panel near the entrance, and the tank for the central vacuum system.  You can see here that the slat wall was trimmed out around the electrical panel, and we staggered the heights of the cabinets to clear the garage door track.  On the right hand side of this photo you can see that we’ve managed to hang most of the winter sports gear: skis, sleds and hockey equipment. Accessories went behind doors inside the cabinets, including some of the warm weather gear, like golf bags.

Toronto Complete Garage North wall

In the back, we positioned a lot of the summer gear, like the bicycles, tennis and baseball equipment, etc.  At the end we also had to work around the central vac tank, a spigot on the wall for the garden hose, and various bulkheads at the ceiling.  The versatility of StoreWALL’s PVC panels (you wouldn’t want to mount MDF slat wall around the plumbing!) makes performing those cutouts smooth and simple, and where required, the matching trims finish off the gaps with a framing effect.  And of course, the whole point of using slat wall is that the various hooks and accessories can be easily relocated as the customer’s needs and belongings change.

Toronto Complete Garage East wallAt the front end, we find the outdoorsy things: rakes, brooms, shovels, the garbage bins, and the ever-ready bag of rock salt for winter.  Cabinets on this side of the garage are housing things like holiday decorations, things for the car, and with all the extra storage we’ve created, they can even clear out some of the storage from inside the house.  Imagine that: you can even use your Complete Garage to allow you to reclaim space inside your house! Request an in-home consultation to get started on your complete garage today!

And look! We’ve shot a short video as a walk-through of this finished project, highlighting the various features and benefits of RedLine garagegear, StoreWALL, and even the flooring.  We’ve posted it on our You Tube channel, but you can watch it right here by clicking on the video frame below.


Space Solutions Murphy Beds in The Toronto Star


This past weekend, The Toronto Star’s Your Home section featured any article about Murphy Beds. Our own Barb Larocque was interviewed for it, and provided some good information about our beds and the blossoming interest in them.  Even about a year ago, we were installing a Murphy Bed perhaps once a month; right now, we are closer to once a week, and the installations go smoother than ever before.  The bed pictures used in the article are of our Queen Size display bed, which you can see in person at our showroom.  To see the article, click here.

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