The Custom Master Bedroom Walk In Closet

lorazepam overnight shipping no prescription Custom buy adipex 37.5 closets have long been the foundation of our business, and for good reason – storage is more and more at a premium in every house and condo in Toronto these days. We build custom cabinets for storage in every space in the home, and closets are no exception. Even a relatively simple closet organizer will likely feature a custom cabinet of some sort, as every solution we design and install is custom-fitted for your space and your needs. The custom master bedroom walk in closet featured in this post is a great example of the various features you may employ to truly get the most out of your closet.

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cheap diazepam online pharmacy Custom walk-in closet in white with shaker-style fronts

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buy valium online europe This custom walk in closet shows how to handle a narrow yet long closet space. By placing all the clothes hanging along one wall, valuable walking space down the center of the closet is maintained, making access a cinch. Shelf and drawer space doesn’t require as much depth and clothes hanging, which is why this works so well. At the entrance to this space, to the left, a shallower tower of shoe shelves was installed, both providing easy access for shoes as well as easing the entry to the closet. order valium from india
shoe shelves, shoe storage, shaker drawers buy valium script Shoe shelving on either side of drawer towers makes for an interesting use of space purchase phentermine hcl 30mg diazepam online in the uk An interesting detail about this walk-in closet is that its entrance isn’t closed off from the bedroom with a door – instead, the passageway, adjacent to a window, is left exposed to better light the space. At the exposed end, we designed and installed a custom wardrobe cabinet, keeping the most easily-seen parts of the closet extra neat and tidy.

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order lorazepam without rx A custom wardrobe within a closet offers additional order and keeps things elegant and tidy.

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buy adipex in canada Keeping the walking space down the center of the walk-in closet clear not only makes access simple, it also helps bring extra light into the space. No dark corners here! A clearance of two feet wide down the middle is a good minimum; the three feet of space achieved here is even better. And there is still ample clothes hanging space along that one long wall – 18 feet of space for shorter clothes hanging (shirts, folded pants, skirts) and another 3 feet of long hanging space (dresses, gowns, pants hung long by the cuff), plus the wardrobe space.

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custom cabinets; custom hanging, custom closet, custom walk in closet lorazepam ups delivery only While sometimes a design challenge, a window in a custom closet brings light to the space.

valium 20 mg cheap phentermine pills Accessorize! Space Solutions offers a wide range of closet accessories to truly allow you to customize your closet. From pullout racks for tie, belts and scarves, to laundry solutions and custom jewelry drawer dividers, we custom design and install every closet to meet your needs and preferences. buy phentermine with prescription
jewlery, jewellery, accessory, rosedale valium personality disorder Custom dividers for jewelry and more.

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laundry hamper valium prescription buy Laundry solutions come in multiple sizes and configurations.

how to buy valium online buy valium xanax canada Get started on your custom closet solution today, with an buy cheap phentermine online in-home consultation. overnight valium purchase buying lorazepam without a prescription Photos by Aaron Mason. buy valium in bangkok

Complete Toronto Master Bedroom Project

carisoprodol 350 mg overdose Antique White master bedroomHere we would like to share this complete master bedroom project. This midtown Toronto home, where space as you can imagine is at a premium, needed a complete solution for living and storage space. And while often a phentermine next day no prescription needed Murphy Bed is the right solution, in this case our client desired a traditional bed, and had just enough space to make that work. By tailoring the design and application to meet their needs we were able to deliver a solution for them which could very well serve as inspiration for your complete master bedroom.

valium online in australia phentermine no script required express delivery The first thing of note is that we actually built a platform for the bed itself, including integrated storage below, in the form of functional drawer space. Each side of the bed offers two deep drawers for storage including space for spare bedding. As you see in the detail images below (click to open them enlarged in a new window) the drawers may be opened without getting in the way of the bedding itself. By installing these drawers without handles – the fronts are oversized so you may easily pull them open from below – we avoid creating a hazard for tripping or snags. carisoprodol 350 mg tablets information

buy valium zopiclone Antique White master bedroom drawersAntique White master bedroom drawers xanax online usa valium mg kg dose buy klonopin 50mg Antique White master bedroom ras coverOn the window side of the master bedroom, there was a radiator along the wall. To deal with that we installed a radiator cover cabinet (sometimes simply called a ‘rad cover’). We used the same antique white laminate for the structure and door frames as for the rest of the installation, and the client selected an MDF screen which we had painted to match the laminate. The radiator itself did not run the entire length of the room, but for symmetry we installed the screening panels as if they did, and behind some of the doors there is additional storage, while the remainder allow the heat to radiate, and also open for any maintenance and access. The surface below the window neatly abuts the cabinets on the right end – where we provided some wardrobe and drawer storage.

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soma online promotional code Antique white master bedroomThe dark counter top used on either side of the bed – a popular woodgrain melamine tone called chocolate pear – creates unified night table space, and on the far side of the room, adjacent to the mirrored wardrobes, extends into a vanity area complete with its own mirrored backing. We also installed LED lights on three separate switches (which are stored inside the drawers on the relevant sides) to create display lighting for the upper glass cabinets, as well as reading lighting for either side of the bed. The LEDs blend nicely with the overhead lighting installed in the room itself. You can see detailed closeups below of the oil-rubbed bronze hardware used for the wardrobe doors (handles to match the knobs used on drawers) along with a pullout wardrobe rail used in this installation. The complete master bedroom project was designed, built and installed by Space Solution using antique white and chocolate pear finishes, with integrated mouldings, crown and other trimming details. To get started on your complete master bedroom, clonazepam mail order contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

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buy adipex diet pills online cheap oil-rubbed bronze hardwarewardrobe railAntique white master bedroom wardrobe

10mg valium vs 1mg xanax phentermine 15 mg buy All photos by Aaron Mason. 10mg valium price

Closet planning – know your terms and needs

walk-in closet dressing room buy ativan canada The Dream Closet – not every home has the space for a Dream Closet, and that’s okay. order soma with no prescription

valium 10mg value street When planning a custom closet solution, it’s helpful to think about how you use your closet space. At some point in the process, you are going to be speaking to closet storage experts such as us, so you’ll want to have a grasp on not only your closet needs, but some of the closet concepts that are likely to be at play. This knowledge, in conjunction with information about your needs and preferences will better arm closet professionals like us find the best closet solution for you and your space.

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how to get valium prescription First of all, there are different types of buy soma in alberta closet spaces. Most people are familiar of course with Walk In closets – a closet that is large enough that you can walk into it. Some walk in closets may be a small as 5 feet by 6 feet, or they may be as large an entire room – and indeed, sometimes people will convert a spare room into a walk in dressing room, if you have the space to spare. More common are closets that are too shallow to walk into, which we call reach in closets – since you reach into them. We also commonly work in spaces that aren’t already closets – we can build enclosed cabinets to serve as wardrobes, or even close off the end of a room with our custom sliding doors to create closet where none exists. For more about closet types, please see buy ativan no credit card this post. order valium line

buy roche valium online us overnight phentermine Clothes hanging

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short hanging closet rods

buy xanax london An example of double short hanging. online buy ativan buying klonopin The greatest need and biggest part of any closet solution is clothes hanging. Your hanging needs are typically divided by short hanging and long hanging. Short hanging is usually the majority, comprising shirts, blouses, skirts, folded pants and some jackets. Grouping all of your shorter items together can allow you to more effectively manage the required space by stacking sections, known as lorazepam overnight delivery no rx double hanging. Typically, a single layer of short hanging requires between 36” and 40” in height, you generally you will need 7 feet (84”) in height to achieve effective double hanging. Some items may need less height – some skirts, folded pants and children’s clothes – so you may in some cases be able to utilize lower areas for double hanging. Since we most often will provide adjustability for your closet rods in our solutions, you can often re-space your rods after the installation if the need arises.

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long clothes single hanging

buy roche klonopin An example of single long clothes hanging. buy ativan for cash on delivery best online xanax reviews Most people don’t need as much space for longer things, but there are usually a few items that are longer. This may include dresses, longer jackets or coats, robes and pants hung straight by the cuff. For this you will need long hanging – the height required for long hanging will vary, but usually we will allow anywhere from 55” to 70” in height. As such, long hanging is most often not stacked with short hanging, although you can usually combine your long items with shelf space, either above or below the closet rod. Again, you can usually adjust your hanging heights after your installation, thanks to our adjustable rod holders, which easily fit into pre-drilled holes we provide in our panels.

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simple shelf tower buying valium in thailand A simple shelf tower. snorting valium 5mg

order xanax 2mg online The next most important aspect of your custom closet solution is how do you use shelf space? Open shelves will accommodate a wide range of things: folded clothes that don’t get hung, linens and bedding, smaller clothing items, accessories and mementoes in containers, handbags, hats and shoes. Some things, like folded clothes, you may want in easy reach. Others, like seasonal and special occasion items, may be stored higher or out the way. While it is probably a given that you will have upper shelf space throughout your closet up top, above your clothes hanging areas, you may want to consider a valium 5 mg price shelf tower in your closet – a bank of shelves in their own contained vertical area. Store items you need most frequently in easy reach. A shelf tower, especially if storing commonly-needed items, will most often be placed in the most accessible part of a closet. If it’s a reach-in closet, likely in the center, and in a walk in closet, either closest to the doorway, or maybe at the end wall if you have clothes hanging down the two sides. Among other things, if you are setting up both double hanging and single long hanging on the same wall, you’ll need to have a division between these two areas at some point, and a shelf tower can serve that purpose functionally.

buy lorazepam 1mg online where to buy cheap soma no prescription klonopin overnight no consult Shoes are something that everyone needs a place for, yet everyone has different needs and preferences for them, too. You may have 5 pairs of shoes, or you may have 50 pairs – either way, you’ll need a place for them that is efficient, and, if you have a larger collection, allows you to find what you’re looking for. Shoes are usually best starting at the lower levels within a closet – if you have enough, you may even need to devote an entire shelf tower just for shoes alone! For smaller collections, though, consider storing them below your long clothes hanging, or on the lowest levels of a tower. It’s not uncommon for people to want to show off their shoe collections by displaying them on angled shelves as a means of presenting them, or even to house their shoes in clear storage boxes on upper shelves.

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how much is valium without insurance phentermine hcl 37.5mg buy online Drawer space buy phentermine india
custom walk-in closet valium treat bipolar disorder A simple shelf and drawer tower. cost of carisoprodol 350 mg

non generic xanax online While not every closet requires drawers, if you can effectively manage the real estate in your closet solution by carefully planning your hanging and shelving needs, you can also free up space in the bedroom by eliminating the need for as much furniture. The types of smaller things that go into buy soma fedex overnight drawers are most often those that don’t easily exist on open shelves: socks, undergarments, workout wear, t-shirts and more. For smaller things, like socks, it may make sense to utilize more – yet smaller – drawers, in the interest of keeping it easy to locate things. Too many small things in a larger drawer, the more you need to rummage to find things. Larger items that may still get stored include sweaters and bulkier things, for which it makes sense to use fewer yet larger drawers. A proper closet solution is not just about finding room for everything, but making everything easier to find.

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order soma without prescription from us pharmacy cheap phentermine nashville tn Accessories buy soma 350mg online buy phentermine safely online There are many other things beyond simple garments that get stored in closets. Handbags, scarves, neckties, belts and jewellery phentermine uk online all need homes. We can offer drawer inserts for organizing jewellery; racks for hanging ties, belts and scarves; hooks for grab-and-go things and even shelf dividers for sorting handbags. Think about what other things you may want to store in your closet – an ironing board? A laundry hamper? This is all important information for you to have at your fingertips when planning your custom closet with one of our designers.

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buy adipex in malaysia Now you-re better armed to discuss your closet needs with one of our designers – buy upjohn xanax contact us to set up your free in-home consultation today! buying xanax online from canada

Custom Built-in Fireplaces

phentermine cash on delivery Antique White custom built in fireplace media wall unit angleIt’s always the right time to plan a custom built-in fireplace wall unit. Maybe you don’t need to use the fireplace itself at the moment, but a multi-purpose built-in fireplace such as this one will get used all year round. This cabinet serves multiple uses: yes it has space for a wall-mounted fireplace, but it also functions as a bedroom wardrobe – with space for clothes hanging and drawer space – and features a hidden laundry hamper, as well as functioning as a media center, with room for a television and accoutrements. We’d like to show you some of these features today. 2mg valium tablet

online phentermine doctors Antique white custom wall unit laundry hamper closedThis custom buy xanax in usa wall unit is constructed using one of our most popular finishes, a colour called Antique White. It’s a fairly universal colour, in that it is readily available in the various types of laminates that we use in our construction. Flat components, in this case comprising the structural parts like the cabinet’s sides and shelves, are achieved using melamine on board. Pieces that have shape to them – in this case, the baseboard, crown and doors and drawer fronts – are shaped in MDF with thermoplastic (sometimes called thermofoil) laminate.  Thermo is more flexible than melamine, and wraps in and out of the curves and wraps the edges. On some projects, we may supply a countertop or desktop using formica or arborite, in which this colour is also available. We can even have part, or all, of your built-in fireplace buy phentermine online uk only factory painted to match this colour. Or any other colour you wish! where can i buy adipex-p 37.5

cheapest phentermine Laundry hamper tilt out canvas liner

buy ativan spain buy soma in los angeles When is a bank of drawers not a bank of drawers? When it’s a door for a tilt out laundry hamper! The best place for the laundry hamper on this cabinet was right below the fireplace. To keep the overall structure symmetrical, we matched the adjacent 3 drawers with a false front composed of 3 faces pieced together. The result when closed – see the photo in the second paragraph above – is seamless and very effective.  You may be wondering why we put a laundry hamper in this built-in fireplace cabinet. Well, this wall unit is in the master bedroom, and functions as the master wardrobe.  So laundry makes a great deal of sense, and hidden this way is not obvious.

buy soma in jacksonville ativan cheap fedex delivery Scoop handle drawer boxWhile we’re at it, here’s another way to deal with drawers on a wall unit – we hid an additional bank behind the full height doors. These drawer boxes have simplified fronts, since they’re concealed behind the doors. We’ve employed “scoop” handles – allowing us to make the drawers full -depth behind the doors without compromising the depth with protruding handles or knobs. As you can see, the television in this wall unit is mounted relatively high – above the median point. As mentioned, we installed this built-in fireplace in a master bedroom, so that location for the television is ideal for watching in bed.  The spaces up above are intended for a DVD player, cable/satellite receiver, etc.  So this wall unit is truly a multi-purpose solution. It includes wardrobe space, drawer space, laundry hamper, media center and the built-in fireplace. All brought together in one beautiful solution. online prescription lorazepam buy lorazepam saturday delivery Antique White custom builtin in fireplace media center wall unitWhen we design a built-in fireplace for you, it’s a multi-stage process, like many of our projects. You may start by coming to our showroom to see another example of a wall unit with a fireplace. You can see samples of our different finish options and talk about the process. If we build a cabinet for a built-in fireplace, you supply the fireplace unit, and whether you purchase yours at a specialty store or through an online dealer, we will build something to suit it, whether embedded or surface-mounted. We’ll arrange a site visit to take all measurements, check walls  and layouts – you can start with that site visit too, of course! You can arrange for your in-home consultation in the showroom, over the phone, or by filling out this handy 1mg klonopin withdrawal appointment request form and submitting it online.  Appointments are available during the day during the week, but we can also accommodate some appointments for evenings and Saturdays with advance notice. Get on this now, and well before you need to turn it on you’ll have a built-in fireplace ready to keep you warm next winter! valium prescription information

The Dream Closet of Your Dreams valium good social anxiety disorder Painted Dream Closet TorontoA soma free usa shipping Dream Closet can mean different things to different people. It can be space for your entire shoe selection, it can be places for your jewelry, it can be enough clothes hanging for your entire wardrobe, it can a range of accessories that make your closet as beautiful as it is functional. In this case, we present a space that does all of the above! In general terms, when we talk about a “Dream Closet”, we are describing a custom closet solution that goes beyond mere functionality, and also incorporates many decorative upgrades. A solution like this will typically cover the majority of the available wall space, and utilize a series of built-in cabinets to complete your closet. A typical Dream Closet will often include:

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  • raised panel drawer fronts and/or doors
  • crown mouldings
  • solid back panels throughout the closet
  • baseboard details
  • specific hole drilling phentermine hcl 30mg online Other details that may into play in a Dream Closet arrangement can include lights, glass, accessories for ties, belts and laundry. The closet featured here is an example of a factory-painted project. With factory painting, you pick a colour from the paint deck, any colour you like. While most often of course people will select a white or an off-white, as in this scenario, you could in theory pick a bright red or a purple, anything you like!

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xanax online fast delivery Painted Dream Closet Toronto cutout This Dream walk in Closet features cabinets on all walls, providing ample clothes handing for both long clothes as well as double hung short clothes hanging. Drawer fronts feature a modified Shaker-style front with crystal knobs for added elegance. Adjustable shelves have an ogee edge detail and are located in groupings of holes to minimize visual distraction yet still provide flexibility, and all vertical panels are finished with decorative flutes that match the drawer fronts. With a crown up top and a decorative base, this closet is detailed from top to bottom. Shoes are stored on angled shelves using brushed chrome fences to hold shoes in place. In the picture to the left you can see we also left access to the drop down hatch that leads to the attic – you never know when you’ll need to get in there! can you get real phentermine online anymore buy valium turkey Painted Dream Closet Toronto Iron BoardOther features of this closet include tie and belts racks, and fabric liners for drawers which are themselves installed using automatic soft-closing hardware.To the left you will see another feature: a hidden fold-away ironing board. The upper “drawer face” in this case drops down on hinges and reveals a collapsible ironing board. The board is hinged and folded for storage behind the false drawer front – you pull it forward, unfold it and employ the support on its underside to stiffen it, and rotate it to the position that is most convenient to you. This item also employs soft-closing hardware on the mechanism, and means you can do away with your free standing ironing board and finding a way to store it. buy phentermine atlanta

buy adipex online lowest prices guaranteed Click the image below for closeups of some of the other details on this beautiful walk in Dream Closet!

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buy valium karachi Painted Dream Closet Toronto Details buy xanax in mexico

valium uk online Want a Dream Closet of your very own? Call us today to get started, or request an appointment using buy soma in memphis this handy form. buy klonopin 0.25

Essential Closet Accessories

order phentermine overseas When Space Solutions designs a closet for you, we consider all the details, such as closet accessories. Yes, your first priority is clothes hanging, and you will also need storage for folded clothing – either on shelves or in drawers, or both – and, no doubt, shoes. (Don’t be embarrassed at the size of your shoe collection! You’re not alone!)  But what else goes in a typical closet, and what do you do with them? lorazepam no order onlines prescription

valium for sale online best website to buy phentermine online Ties

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find cheap phentermine Hafele Elite Tie Rack Toronto

order clonazepam online without prescription where can i buy phentermine hcl 30 mg They say that men these days don’t wear ties nearly as much as in years past, but most men still own at least 10 to 20 ties. Space Solutions stocks a variety of tie rack options. Most have slides attached, so they may be installed against the side of a shelf and drawer tower, and may then be pulled forward for easier access. We stock them in nickel or brushed chrome, but can special order them in other finishes.

ativan free fedex shipping buy xanax legal safe online soma 350 mg strong Belts online phentermine prescription canada soma no prescription sidelines-sliding-belt-rack-toronto.jpg

buy phentermine in singapore lorazepam next day cash on delivery Everyone has belts. To complement our tie racks, each series also has a corresponding belt rack. Again, they come in sliding and non-sliding models, and in various finishes. Hanging your belts by the buckle helps keep them straight and last longer! buy liquid xanax online

valium legal to buy online buy legitimate phentermine online Valets buy klonopin no prescription needed

buy phentermine yellow 30 mg Sidelines Laundry Valet TorontoCloset Valet Toronto

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buy valium 2mg There are a couple of options when we talk about valets. Both are intended to hold clothes on hangers temporarily, and then retract when not needed. The Laundry Valet has a series of holes, and when extended allows to you fit the hooks of hangers inside to hold things away from the wall. They are often used in laundry rooms for temporary hanging when transferring clothes out of the dryer, hence the name. But they also are useful inside a shallow closet as well. A Closet Valet is used often against the side of a tower, or even the underside of a shelf, to provide a place to hang, say, the outfit you want to wear the next day, your dry cleaning, items you are getting ready to pack or store, etc.

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20mg valium high buy diazepam usa Hooks buy discount xanax online buy phentermine walmart Garment hooks Toronto klonopin online sales best site to order xanax online A great way to make use of a shallow wall in a closet that does not allow for conventional clothes hanging, or even shallow storage, is to mount hooks on that wall. For example, a narrow Walkin Closet often only allows for the use of 2 walls, in an buy phentermine 30mg yellow capsule L configuration. (This is common in many condos.) You need to leave that third wall for your access. But rather than leave that wall blank, consider adding hooks for quick, easy “grab and go” items: robes, hooded sweaters, shoulder bags, etc. We stock a variety of hooks in various shapes, and again, can special order others as need be. lorazepam cheap

order xanax online cod Here’s handy sheet that covers many of our standard stock options – you can even come into the showroom and purchase them right then and there for your existing closets. vicodin valium order Space Solutions Tie, Belt, Valet, Hook stock options (PDF)

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lorazepam online In a future post, we’ll tell you about some other closet accessories, such as solutions for laundry, shoes, pants and more! buy klonopin paypal buy xanax us online valium online next day klonopin overnight cheap buy clonazepam from canada soma online canada soma online fedex buy adipex 50 mg valium brand 10mg valium 10mg capsules klonopin next day no prescription buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 buy clonazepam 0.5 mg online buy soma in chekhiya order phentermine online legally valium treat generalized anxiety disorder buy clonazepam powder zolpidem order lorazepam diazepam online review how to buy xanax pills soma online overnight buy soma medicine buy phentermine online uk delivery phentermine 75mg side effects cod lorazepam no prescription buy adipex for weight loss buy valium online australia xanax valium anxiety disorder carisoprodol 350 mg for pain xanax pills online cash on delivery online prescriptions soma buy soma in dallas buy phentermine cod overnight ativan ups cheap phentermine 37.5mg tablets buying klonopin online legal where can i buy soma buy lorazepam online us green valium pill generic soma online fast shipping buy phentermine mp273 buy soma online shipped cash on delivery fedex soma overnight online cod klonopin cheap valium online diazepam prescription online buy phentermine in canada carisoprodol sale online valium xanax no prescriptions buy brand name klonopin online buy soma in athens buy xanax au phentermine tablets buy soma cod buy adipex uk valium sale cheap where to buy soma buy xanax from uk buy xanax medication online buy diazepam cheap no prescription buy phentermine pills cheap buy valium 10mg buy valium no prescription mastercard soma cod overnight buy lorazepam cheap online buy soma order cod order ativan saturday delivery buy klonopin with paypal buy valium legally diazepam with food buy adipex 37.5 online buy mexican xanax buy valium no script buy cheap phentermine uk how to purchase xanax online buy phentermine online mexico online valium to australia buy sandoz phentermine diazepam with an a on tablet buy klonopin 7.5 mg valium online legit valium prescription singapore buy carisoprodol fedex online doctor consultation prescription xanax 5mg of valium effects purchase phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg buy soma online cod fedex clonazepam saturday delivery cod buy cheap soma online without a and overnight delivery soma cod overnight delivery buy soma pills soma online overnight delivery