The Dream Closet of Your Dreams valium 10mg tablets Painted Dream Closet TorontoA .5 Mg Ativan Dream Closet can mean different things to different people. It can be space for your entire shoe selection, it can be places for your jewelry, it can be enough clothes hanging for your entire wardrobe, it can a range of accessories that make your closet as beautiful as it is functional. In this case, we present a space that does all of the above! In general terms, when we talk about a “Dream Closet”, we are describing a custom closet solution that goes beyond mere functionality, and also incorporates many decorative upgrades. A solution like this will typically cover the majority of the available wall space, and utilize a series of built-in cabinets to complete your closet. A typical Dream Closet will often include: klonopin online buy
  • raised panel drawer fronts and/or doors
  • crown mouldings
  • solid back panels throughout the closet
  • baseboard details
  • specific hole drilling buy generic phentermine Other details that may into play in a Dream Closet arrangement can include lights, glass, accessories for ties, belts and laundry. The closet featured here is an example of a factory-painted project. With factory painting, you pick a colour from the paint deck, any colour you like. While most often of course people will select a white or an off-white, as in this scenario, you could in theory pick a bright red or a purple, anything you like!

Soma 350 Mg Street Value buy soma online no membership Painted Dream Closet Toronto cutout This Dream walk in Closet features cabinets on all walls, providing ample clothes handing for both long clothes as well as double hung short clothes hanging. Drawer fronts feature a modified Shaker-style front with crystal knobs for added elegance. Adjustable shelves have an ogee edge detail and are located in groupings of holes to minimize visual distraction yet still provide flexibility, and all vertical panels are finished with decorative flutes that match the drawer fronts. With a crown up top and a decorative base, this closet is detailed from top to bottom. Shoes are stored on angled shelves using brushed chrome fences to hold shoes in place. In the picture to the left you can see we also left access to the drop down hatch that leads to the attic – you never know when you’ll need to get in there!

where can i buy azithromycin (zithromax) buy genuine phentermine Painted Dream Closet Toronto Iron BoardOther features of this closet include tie and belts racks, and fabric liners for drawers which are themselves installed using automatic soft-closing hardware.To the left you will see another feature: a hidden fold-away ironing board. The upper “drawer face” in this case drops down on hinges and reveals a collapsible ironing board. The board is hinged and folded for storage behind the false drawer front – you pull it forward, unfold it and employ the support on its underside to stiffen it, and rotate it to the position that is most convenient to you. This item also employs soft-closing hardware on the mechanism, and means you can do away with your free standing ironing board and finding a way to store it.

Lorazepam Ativan cheap xanax for sale online Click the image below for closeups of some of the other details on this beautiful walk in Dream Closet! can you buy adipex at gnc where can purchase phentermine hcl oral tablets 37.5 mg Painted Dream Closet Toronto Details

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Valium Xanax online pharmacy Want a Dream Closet of your very own? Call us today to get started, or request an appointment using klonopin 1mg half life this handy form. buy zolpidem online india

There’s more than one kind of closet

Soma Online Us To Us Space Solutions designs and builds all sorts of Soma From Canada closets. Sometimes we hear, “It’s just a closet.”  Well, there are closets and then there are closets.  From one to the next, closets vary in size, style and purpose, as unique as their owners and the homes they are within.  We wanted to talk a bit about closet styles and variances to help give a better understanding of what we can do for you. order clonazepam online

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buy valiums cash on delivery A typical reach in closet is about two feet deep. Width and height will vary from home to home. In Toronto, many older homes (say, from the early 20th century) and newer condos will have reach in closets exclusively. Even in some larger houses and condos, the entrance closet is commonly a reach in closet, and bedrooms may have them as well. Depending on the type and size of the doorway, a typical solution for a bedroom will be to place a tower of shelves and/or drawers in the center, with a combination of single-hung long clothes and double-hung short clothes on either side, like in the picture to the left.  You may add a shelf or two for shoe storage below the long clothes section. While not always the case, you are probably less likely to add a lot of decorative detail to a reach in closet. Some things, like moldings or baseboard details will eat up a little space, and in a smaller closet that isn’t always practical. The closet to the left is white, but changing the finish, or in the event of drawers, you may add a decorative profiled face to them, which can beautify the space without reducing capacity.  Linen closets and closets in spare bedrooms, dens and such are also often reach ins, even in a larger home.

Buy Valium 10mg x 1000 Soma 350Mg Online Lorazepam Uses Walk In Closets Carisoprodol Eu Ativan free saturday delivery Maple Walk In Closet Space Solutions Toronto Now a Walk In closet, as the name implies, is a closet deep enough to walk into.  Again, they will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: some condos in Toronto have walk ins that are long but narrow, sometimes resulting in using the space as an L shape; other walk ins may be more square, allowing for a U shape in what goes inside, assuming the doorway is centered on one wall.  We’ve encountered walk ins which have angled walls, spaces that have more than four sides, and even closets with windows in them – all things that we can work around. In a walk in closet, there is naturally more room to work with, so decorative detail is more practical.  The closet shown to the left features built-up trims on the gables and shelves that beef up the appearance, and there is also a simple base detail.  A walk in closet may be a shared space, in which case each person using the closet may get a side, with the balance of the space being shared.  A man’s side typically will have less long clothes hanging than a woman’s side, unless he prefers to hang his pants long by the cuff.  Whether one or two people are using a walk in closet, there will often be a bank of drawers or two, with the goal of letting you do away with a potentially bulk dresser out in the room.  There’s also the potential for a tower for shoes and handbags, a jewelry drawer, even a wall mounted mirror. But walk in closets aren’t just for bedrooms – we’ve organized them for entrances, mudrooms, pantries off the kitchen, even general storage in the basement.

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Soma Online Mastercard A Dream Closet is a walk in closet, fully dressed. This usually means that whatever arrangement we build, it likely has a base detail, flutes (columns), crown molding, perhaps decorative moldings on shelves, and back panels throughout. A dream closet generally wraps around all available space, and will have a lot of decorative upgrades. The one shown to the left is in Antique White, has the aforementioned flutes, base, moldings and backs. You’ll also note the upgraded drawer faces, crystal knobs (to match the chandelier), doors with glass inserts and a vanity mirror – not to mention the island. Not every walk in closet can accommodate an island, as you need to leave walking space between your clothes and the cabinets. But if you do have room for one, it is a great touch to have. This island even features a bench area, so you may sit and tie your shoes in your closet!  A dream closet can double as a dressing room.  We often find ourselves designing dream closets in an unused spare bedroom, which is when working around a window may come into play.  This example uses a somewhat traditional style in its detailing, but we can certainly achieve more contemporary looks by using more urban looking profiles, hardware and finishes.

buy phentermine and topiramate 5mg valium vs 1mg xanax GENERIC Soma ~ Soma UPS COD What if I don’t have a closet? xanax online italia

Soma Shop Online Antique White Wardrobe Space Solutions Toronto phentermine online uk Soma Drugs Online Let’s say that for some reason, your bedroom does not have a closet attached to it. Maybe the house has been renovated, and the bedroom expanded at the expense of the closet. Now what? Well, there’s a couple of things we can do. For one, Space Solutions can design and install a custom wardrobe in the room. Something like this does not need to run wall to wall, and can be positioned and laid out according to your preferences. The wardrobe in the picture on the left, again in Antique White with a traditional style, features deeper sections on the ends that have clothes hanging within; the middle section is recessed and had drawers below with shelves behind doors above. That recess makes the overall appearance less imposing in the room, and provides an attractive, effective solution to the space. Again, you can achieve different looks depending on profiles and color options. (We have found this look to be quite popular, and have replicated it for multiple customers!)  As an alternative to building a wardrobe, consider using online phentermine prescription our sliding doors – choose either the phentermine 15 mg capsules buy Niagara or Aventura profile and choose from a wide range of insert materials, and we can install doors along the end of the room to section off part of the bedroom and then fill that space inside with organization.  Don’t want to go wall to wall? No problem. The doors are made to order and if you prefer, we could take a portion the space, install panels at the place you wish to have them stop and make a smaller closet.

buy ambien online overnight delivery phentermine 37.5 pills online At best price xanax online our showroom in The Sunnybrook Plaza we have examples of reach in and walk in closets, and portions of the dream closet above are on display here too.  As always you can request a free in home consultation by filling out and submitting can i buy clonazepam in mexico this simple form, or you may call the showroom during business hours to speak to one of us. best online site to buy xanax Soma Watson Overnight real phentermine for sale online buy phentermine online using paypal buy phentermine 37.5 mg online cheap buy clonazepam from mexico Diazepam online cheap Buy Ativan Online no membership Soma 350 Mg Generic Soma Online Review Buy Valium ireland online Diazepam online pharmacy klonopin online no perscription buy soma in Montreal Klonopin SHIPPED C.O.D. carisoprodol 350 mg dosage Valium online orders buy valium online cheap uk Lorazepam Generic Carisoprodol Overnight Delivery Indian Valium 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