The custom sofa Murphy Bed

cheap valium usa The sofa Murphy Bed combination – a concept that has been around for a while, but marks a newer addition to our Murphy Bed offerings at Space Solutions. One of the main reasons to install a can you snort carisoprodol 350 mg Murphy Bed is to allow a room to serve other purposes aside from sleeping quarters. We often see them used in home offices and family rooms, especially with the rising popularity of smaller condo units in Toronto. Even a larger room may need to serve multiple purposes, and the project highlighted here is a great example of how combining a Murphy Bed with a sofa can change how you use your space for the better.

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sofa Murphy Bed, couch, wall bed, office, living room

soma no script fedex This multi-purpose room features a home office, a sofa and a Murphy Bed for guests.

what can i buy over the counter that is like phentermine buy lorazepam In this project, the room will mostly be used as a work area, and also for entertaining. But the simple addition of a custom sofa in front of the Murphy Bed opens up further possibilities. With the couch located close to the window, it not only provides a comfortable seating area with a view, it is also well positioned facing the built-in wall unit on the opposite wall, which houses a television and its components. The structure is built using a combination of melamine and thermo laminates in valium online order Morning Dew, in a satin finish. All the cabinets in the project feature LED lighting for display, task and reading light, without compromising the viewing experience when watching TV.

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where can i buy phentermine 37.5 mg online The LED lights above the TV may be turned off from the sofa with a remote control. cheap diazepam us klonopin online ach So let’s talk about the sofa Murphy Bed and how this works. The idea is that moving the entire couch in order to get to the bed is not what you want to do – you don’t want to drag your sofa across the room, and in many cases, you don’t have the space to do that – after all, you’re already considering a Murphy Bed as a space saver! To bring this all together, we incorporate the sofa with the Murphy Bed. You can see in the image below that the sides of the Murphy Bed are extra wide, resulting in what we often call “flutes”. This is to help maintain spacing around the bed cabinet, and indeed, the sofa may be secured against those flutes to keep everything aligned. So rather than having to relocate the entire sofa, you instead simply remove the back and bottom cushions, and lower the Murphy Bed over the sofa frame, like below. valium pictures generic
Custom queen size Murphy Bed with integrated sofa

what does valium look like generic The transition from sofa to Murphy Bed is seamless and easy.

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can you buy ativan in thailand This combination of sofa with Murphy Bed allows us to still use genuine best xanax online Murphy Wall Beds of Canada’s hardware, which we use on our other Murphy Bed projects. The project shown here features a queen size Murphy Bed, but we can also do this combination with single and doubles – we can even combine a sofa with a side-tilt (horizontal) Murphy Bed, provided it is a double or a queen (a single side tilt does not protrude far enough to clear the frame on the sofa). Space Solutions works with a custom sofa builder to design a sofa that is comfortable and stylish for this complete solution. You can specify the fabric, the legs, even design of the arms. buy adipex brand online
sofa Murphy Bed, sofa, couch, wall bed, sofabed, living room

buy klonopin 3mg A genuine sofa with a genuine Murphy Bed is genuinely perfect. buy ativan online legally valium cheapest As always, we design our Murphy Bed projects with you and your space in mind. Choose from an extensive series of finish and panel options, plus endless hardware choices and upgrades. This queen size Murphy Bed includes an angles headboard at the back – so you can sit up and watch TV from bed if you wish – plus LED reading lights that may be easily controlled with a remote without getting up. A genuine Murphy Bed uses a phentermine cheap online real mattress – spring or coil – up to 10″ thick for great comfort.

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sofa Murphy Bed, sofa, couch, wall bed, sofabed, living room

canadian pharmacy valium no prescription A real mattress is the hallmark of a proper custom Murphy Bed. purchasing xanax online legal

alprazolam with valium sofa Murphy Bed, sofa, couch, wall bed, sofabed, living room sofa Murphy Bed, sofa, couch, wall bed, sofabed, living room phentermine and visalus phentermine cod  To see an example of the sofa Murphy Bed in person, you can visit our showroom at the Sunnybrook Plaza, where we can show you our full range of options, finishes and custom cabinets for every space in your home. To get started on your sofa Murphy Bed project, call us buy diazepam by roche during business hours at buy ativan free shipping 416.322.5575, or after hours, buy online soma usa use this handy form to request an in-home consultation!

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online valium uk Photos by Aaron Mason.

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Liberty Village Loft Home Office and bar

soma buy one get one High-gloss laminates continue to be very popular, and this project in a loft in Toronto’s Liberty Village is a great example of using high-gloss to its strengths. We designed and installed two areas in this loft, a home office that doubles as a wardrobe, along with built-in bar and linen storage in the other room. online pharmacy with soma
desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets carisoprodol 350 mg abuse This home office installation doubles as a bedroom work station and wardrobe.

orange valium pill many mg buy ativan online india Wall to wall cabinets in a converted factory loft space, this nook in the bedroom creates a dynamic home office. The cabinet exteriors use a high-gloss melamine called Antracita. The recessed open shelving is a buy soma no online prescription textured woodgrain laminate, this one is called Castellina, and the desk surface uses a formica Stainless Steel laminate. The upper doors lift upwards on stays, and we used stainless steel pulls and handles on drawers and doors. We used LED puck lights over the work surface for task lighting. buying valium in costa rica
desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets

lorazepam no prescription cash on delivery The high-gloss finishes provide a modern contrast to historical brick. phentermine 37.5mg 90 pills
desk, armoire, wardrobe, library, custom cabinets

klonopin cod no prescription Using woodgrain laminates for the open shelves provides a further interesting contrast. how many 5mg valium to overdose buy soma no shipped cod Outside the bedroom, we also built two custom cabinets in alcoves that straddle the entrance to the bathroom. On the right side, we built a tall upper structure that serves as linen storage with drawers below, divided with an exposed brick area and another stainless countertop. On the left side of the bathroom entrance we built a bar. purchase phentermine 37.5 mg online
dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving buy soma in stockholm High-gloss cabinets take advantage of the height and bridge the entrance to the bathroom. liquid xanax online where can i buy phentermine 15 mg The client supplied an industrial hanging light, which shines through the glass shelves that sit in front of yet more exposed brick. Additional enclosed storage sits below another stainless counter, and all doors and drawers in these cabinets feature handle-less, touch-latch hardware for clean lines. The white high-gloss laminate flows with the rest of this space nicely, leaving the exposed brick and the stainless counters to be the features, whereas in the bedroom, the darker high-gloss laminate on the home office is the defining feature, making the desktop and brick secondary.

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dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving

valium online orders Linen storage is situated between the bedroom and the bathroom. cheap phentermine fast delivery
dining room, condo, bar, linen closet, glass shelving

buy phentermine overnight delivery This custom bar area features glass shelves in front of exposed brick for a classic look. valium online sites soma online india High-gloss laminates come in cheap diazepam site a variety of colors, and are ideal for converted lofts such as this. Ready to get started on your own custom built-in wall unit? Call us valium buying on line during business hours at valium sale in dublin 416.322.5575, or after hours, buying lorazepam over the counter cod overnight use this handy form to request an in-home consultation!

diazepam sale 10mg valium legal online Photos by Aaron Mason. carisoprodol 350 mg is used for

Complete Toronto Master Bedroom Project

generic valium yellow pill Antique White master bedroomHere we would like to share this complete master bedroom project. This midtown Toronto home, where space as you can imagine is at a premium, needed a complete solution for living and storage space. And while often a valium online shop Murphy Bed is the right solution, in this case our client desired a traditional bed, and had just enough space to make that work. By tailoring the design and application to meet their needs we were able to deliver a solution for them which could very well serve as inspiration for your complete master bedroom.

generic valium 2mg buy phentermine pills cheap The first thing of note is that we actually built a platform for the bed itself, including integrated storage below, in the form of functional drawer space. Each side of the bed offers two deep drawers for storage including space for spare bedding. As you see in the detail images below (click to open them enlarged in a new window) the drawers may be opened without getting in the way of the bedding itself. By installing these drawers without handles – the fronts are oversized so you may easily pull them open from below – we avoid creating a hazard for tripping or snags. clonazepam order overnight shipping

order diazepam india Antique White master bedroom drawersAntique White master bedroom drawers online doctor who will prescribe phentermine prozac valium borderline personality disorder generic diazepam dosage Antique White master bedroom ras coverOn the window side of the master bedroom, there was a radiator along the wall. To deal with that we installed a radiator cover cabinet (sometimes simply called a ‘rad cover’). We used the same antique white laminate for the structure and door frames as for the rest of the installation, and the client selected an MDF screen which we had painted to match the laminate. The radiator itself did not run the entire length of the room, but for symmetry we installed the screening panels as if they did, and behind some of the doors there is additional storage, while the remainder allow the heat to radiate, and also open for any maintenance and access. The surface below the window neatly abuts the cabinets on the right end – where we provided some wardrobe and drawer storage.

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buying phentermine pills Antique white master bedroomThe dark counter top used on either side of the bed – a popular woodgrain melamine tone called chocolate pear – creates unified night table space, and on the far side of the room, adjacent to the mirrored wardrobes, extends into a vanity area complete with its own mirrored backing. We also installed LED lights on three separate switches (which are stored inside the drawers on the relevant sides) to create display lighting for the upper glass cabinets, as well as reading lighting for either side of the bed. The LEDs blend nicely with the overhead lighting installed in the room itself. You can see detailed closeups below of the oil-rubbed bronze hardware used for the wardrobe doors (handles to match the knobs used on drawers) along with a pullout wardrobe rail used in this installation. The complete master bedroom project was designed, built and installed by Space Solution using antique white and chocolate pear finishes, with integrated mouldings, crown and other trimming details. To get started on your complete master bedroom, where to buy phentermine 30mg capsules contact us today for a free in-home consultation. buy lorazepam 1mg can i buy adipex at walmart oil-rubbed bronze hardwarewardrobe railAntique white master bedroom wardrobe order xanax overnight

buy phentermine amazon All photos by Aaron Mason. can i buy xanax in thailand

Storage solutions for a modern Toronto condo overnight ativan saturday Today we’d like to do a walk-through of a project we did in a modern Toronto condo, with solutions in a variety of areas. You’ll see different looks and styles for different rooms, that in the end all work together to create space that is elegant and practical, and perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own home.

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ordering xanax from mexico custom bedroom storage buy online clonazepam phentermine next day delivery The main showpiece in this condo was this bedroom piece. You know of course that Space Solutions makes Murphy Beds, but we also will create solutions that go around an existing bed. In this case, the clients had a wonderful bed already, and the task was to create a storage solution that went around it and worked with it, what is sometimes known as a bed surround. Our designer, Christopher, came up with a concept that looks great, and provides both a useful storage solution as well as a live and work space. To the left of the bed, we built a tall, narrow cabinet for enclosed storage, and the base of it protrudes and acts as a night table, so there’s a convenient space for a book, an alarm clock, a cell phone, etc. On the right-hand side, a desk was created for a work space, open at the bottom for legroom, and with convenient cubby hole storage directly above it. Across the top, and bridging the two sides, we built a creative series of open and enclosed storage, for display and easy-to-get-to areas, as well as concealed storage for things you may not want left out in the open, such as extra bedding behind the wide upper door.

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no prescription next day delivery soma Keeping things bright and light, we built the bulk of the structure using white melamine – also used for the closet peeking through the door to the right – and added exterior trims and facing with a high-gloss white finish, a popular, modern touch. The framed glass doors may look like aluminum, but they’re actually board, framed using a thermo laminate called Stainless. The doors then had the same white lami glass we used for our sliding doors inserted for a great look. For hardware we used the ever-popular “towel bar” style of handle in stainless steel, and we added a pair of LED puck lights above the sleeping area to provide more light for reading in bed.

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buy legit klonopin Click on the thumbnails below for more views of this bedroom installation.

generic phentermine online buy ativan online no membership Night table bedroom LED lightsglass insert doorsglass door inserts buy cheapest phentermine online phentermine doctors in visalia ca Cayenne maple wall unit condo Toronto bedroomIn addition to the work in the bedroom, we also installed a built-in in the den. This storage solution is a wall unit for general storage, and required some drawer storage as part of things, for smaller loose items that don’t stay as well on shelves. In order to preserve the clean, vertical lines of the doors, we placed the drawer behind them. The drawer boxes themselves are the same size as they otherwise would be, but without the addition of a face or extra handles. So on the outside, you see a series of doors with consistent handles, but inside, it varies. This cabinet was built using melamine in Cayenne Maple, with flat doors; you might have thought that a crown moulding doesn’t go with flat fronts, but as you can see here, it works quite nicely and finishes off the cabinet. Click on the thumbnails below to see interior views of the drawers.

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valium buy roche hidden drawershidden

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valium sensory processing disorder china cabinetLastly, we also installed a simple built-in in the client’s dining room. This cabinet features a combination of solid doors for concealed storage as well as doors with clear glass inserts for display. Again, we added LED lighting to the cabinet for illuminating their display items, and further used glass for the shelves so that the light can pass through. This cabinet was built using a combination of melamine and thermo laminates in Chocolate Pear, with shaker-style solid doors. All three areas of the home feature different colors, different hardware and even different lines, but everything works in this condo. This was a new location for the client, but this approach also works nicely for you if you’re living in a house, and/or have lived there for many years. valium generic brands

soma with no presciption Blending traditional design details with fresh, modern lines is always exciting and effective, and we can help you with that. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1986! To get started on your next home project, you can visit buy phentermine in mexico 2014 our showroom in The Sunnybrook Plaza, or use ordering carisoprodol online this handy form to request an in-home consultation – we’ll take the measurements and bring samples and portfolio to go through ideas with you, and in just a few weeks you can be enjoying your own custom storage solution. buy phentermine diet pills uk

Murphy Beds and Wall Beds buy phentermine tijuana Wall Bed Murphy Bed Toronto Shaker Lights buy xanax 0.5 Murphy Beds, sometimes known as generic valium list Wall Beds, are a great solution for a multi-functional space that needs to be able to accommodate a bed, be it for occasional or everyday use. Consider Murphy Beds for your home office, den, a family room, even an open-concept space without a defined bedroom – a custom Murphy Bed offers you a real bed, with a real mattress and real comfort, that may be concealed when not in use. how to order phentermine online legally

buy adipex cod We start with genuine Murphy® hardware – the lightweight steel frame provides unmatched reliability and strength, is rated to hold up to 2000 lbs, and is designed for everyday use. The patented fold-over steel leg not only keeps clear when open to prevent stubbing toes, but when closed, rotates in to hold bedding in place. The spring mechanism counterbalances the weight of the mattress to allow gentle “fingertip” raising and lowering. Our trained installers will adjust the springs to ensure smooth, easy operation, and guaranteed installation. And our solid 3/4” cabinet construction simply can not be beat. You supply a standard-size mattress (single, double or queen, with a maximum thickness of 10”), and we mount your Wall Bed against the wall – so your floors stay intact, and your cabinet is safe and secure. Most often, you can close your Wall Bed fully made-up with sheets and blankets, instantly ready for use.

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valium 10 mg for sleep Side Tilt Wall Bed Murphy Bed desk table TorontoHave a low ceiling or other height restriction? Consider a soma buy next day side-tilt Murphy Bed – with the mattress oriented sideways, you can still make use of the space’s full height with storage for your bedding. Small room and only expect to need the bed once in a blue moon? We can mount a buy phentermine next day delivery fold-away table to the closed bed exterior, which you can close up before turning your work area into a sleeping space. Converting a windowless den in your condo and concerned about light? We can add LED lighting to your Murphy Bed cabinet, providing low-energy/low-heat yet bright light for you to read and work by. We can help you solve your situation, and it all starts with our buy tranax xanax complementary in-home consultation. Or drop by buy adipex-d our showroom to try out a Murphy Bed in person! klonopin without dr

klonopin online fedex cod free consult Like all of our projects, our Murphy Beds are custom-designed and fitted for your space and style – add-ons available include profile exteriors, mouldings, endless finish options (including factory painted MDF in the color of your choice) and as usual we will manufacture drawers, shelves, desks and wardrobes to make your Wall Bed, or Murphy Bed Solution a total Space Solution.

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The Condo Wardrobe – Stylish and Essential order diazepam europe Condo Home Office Toronto High Gloss White Laminate wardrobeWe all know that condo living has its advantages and disadvantages, and one of the latter can be space. Fortunately, Space Solutions has been dealing with small and unusual spaces for 27 years now, and our expertise and custom design really got a workout on this recent project. The home office shown to the left is situated in a condo between its entrance and an open kitchen. On the immediate left of the cabinetry is the original entrance closet – that closet is half-occupied by the stacked washer and dryer, with the remaining half being used for storage of cleaning products and linens. After replacing the standard builder-grade mirrored doors with our own valium medication buy aluminum-framed white lami glass doors, we needed to create a new closet wardrobe for the entrance. The tall cabinet section in this photo shows the wardrobe that we built, complete with drawers below. We used high-gloss white laminate for all exteriors, to match the facing of the kitchen cabinets, which are opposite this unit. The light source atop the cabinets is something we provided, we used LED strip lighting across the wardrobe top, facing the ceiling, to provide some ambient lighting for that corner, as the overhead fixture is a bit distant. Along the adjacent wall, we built a desk, which includes file drawers down below, and an overhead cabinet with lift-up doors. All doors and drawers on the wardrobe and cabinets feature touch-latch hardware (press the door or drawer lightly and it pops open) avoiding handles or knobs, and preserving the clean lines of the design.

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xanax online order legal Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo wardrobe - closed    Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo - left    Top hung bypass sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto condo - right buy valium phuket overnight soma saturday The bedroom presented another challenge. There were two narrow closets on either side of the entrance to the en suite bathroom. Each was again covered with a pair of very narrow, builder-grade sliding mirrored doors. We wanted to increase the access to the wardrobes, and at the same time increase their usefulness, without affecting access to the bathroom in between. The solution: our top-hung bypass doors. Using the same door profiles and glass as our regular sliding doors, we use their top-hung hardware to create a single large panel for each closet, which slides completely to the side, in front of the bathroom door, to reveal the entire left or right closet. The top hang feature means that there is no floor track in front of the entrance to the bathroom, so you don’t have to steop over it each time you enter and exit. And while it is unlikely that one would need closet access while the bathroom is in use, on the off chance that happens, the doors have the same grip on front of back so they may be opened and closed from either side.

klonopin no prescription next day delivery buy name brand xanax online condo sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto - closed   condo sliding doors white lami aventura Toronto - right

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buy clonazepam free fedex shipping In the second bedroom there was another small closet. In this case, we used our regular version of our sliding doors, and again replaced the existing mirrored doors. For the interior, we did something that we also did in the left hand closet of the master closet above, and built our drawers extra deep to get the most capacity out of them, but left the shelves shallower in order to make them more useful higher up. In both closets, we made the drawers with scooped fronts to again avoid handles – in this case, it was to ensure they did not interfere with the sliding doors. valium generic what does it look like no prescription valium fedex delivery We also recorded some video clips of this project, and will be sharing them soon!

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New Showroom Murphy Bed Display soma drug 350mg Glossy White Showroom Single Side Tilt Murphy Bed closed

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lorazepam shipped by ups We now have ativan cheap overnight fedex two Murphy Beds on display at our showroom, and can now show you two different sizes, as well as two different orientations, in completely different looks. Both beds use the patented Murphy mechanism, which is rated for 1200 lbs, and carries a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. (Like all of our installations, however, valium online saturday delivery we will guarantee your installation for the lifetime of you owning it.)  We already had a Queen Size bed on display, with a traditional (sometimes called “vertical”) orientation, which you can see by clicking identifying generic valiums here. We have now added a generic valium drug identifier Single Size (also known as a “twin”) Murphy Bed cabinet, with a ativan without rx Side-Tilt orientation.  Singles are great for small spaces, and are popular for students, as well as any space for which a larger mattress isn’t required.  A Side-Tilt orientation is a great thing for a couple of reasons; one, if it is a narrow room, having the bed tilt out sideways means it won’t come out as far into the room, providing more passageway around it. Secondly, even a single bed, in a regular orientation, requires the cabinet to be 80″ tall (Doubles also need 80″, and Queens 85″) – if you have a height restriction, due to a bulkhead, a vent or window, or simply a low ceiling as in a basement, orienting the bed sideways is the solution, as it needs far less height.  A Single Side-Tilt Murphy Bed requires only 48″ in height for the bed section (a Double requires 63″ in height, and a Queen requires 69″ in height), and in many cases this means you can add additional storage above the bed area.

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buy valium legally Glossy White Showroom Single Side Tilt Murphy Bed open

buying xanax online uk purchase phentermine diet pills For this display, we have built a Side-Tilt Single bed, with a depth of 16″, which is the minimum depth required for a Murphy Bed. Above the bed, we created a row of three open “cubby” spaces, and above them, we have added enclosed storage, which is covered with doors that lift up. To the left of the bed section, we have put in a small desk area, with a pullout drawer. Above the desk we have added closed storage behind two swing-out doors, and illuminating the desk top we have installed an LED light, with a three-stage dimmer switch. Framing the entire structure are 1 1/2″ built-up trims, covering seams in the construction and making the overall cabinet more robust and giving it a very modern appearance. The entire structure is fabricated using white melamine board, and all the exterior surfaces – doors, drawer front, trims and outside side panels – are in a valium forum where to buy High Gloss White thermofoil finish. The cabinet is completed using long stainless steel handles, with an extra large one on the bed – we often call these handles “towel bar handles” due to their appearance.

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lorazepam without a prescription or doctor We would love for you to cheap phentermine weight loss pills come in to our showroom and see these cabinets in person, so you can see how a genuine Murphy Bed operates, and see the possibilities for yourself. You can see more images of Murphy Beds by visiting the lorazepam no script needed cod overnight Murphy Beds page on our site, or by clicking the Murphy Beds category to the right on this page. And as always, you can request a complimentary in-home consultation by using our carisoprodol 350 mg for pain convenient online form, or by calling the showroom.

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