Great Wall Media Center Custom Cabinet order soma online forum Custom cabinets are what we do – whether that’s in a closet or any other part of the home. We make custom cabinets for all of your storage needs, and they are tailor made for your space and tastes. This recent multi-purpose solution features a variety of finishes and solves multiple needs, and is a great example of how a custom cabinet can serve multiple goals. buy xanax chicago
wall unit, entertainment center, media cabinet, custom cabinets, desk, work surface, interior design, Toronto find where to buy soma online Family room built-in with desk surface, book storage and media center.

valium xanax buy buy soma cheap cainida no rx needed The recent trend in custom cabinets has been to use more than one finish, most often a two-tone approach. This project, however, involves four different finishes, and while that could get busy, our designer Paulina put together a combination that is subtle and effective. The main finish used here for the structure of this custom cabinet is a dark gray called Anthracite, in a soft-to-the-touch finish known as buy soma in paris Supermat, which is rapidly gaining in popularity. In this case it serves as the foundation of the design, used for the carcass of the custom cabinet itself, as well as the open shelving and desk surface on the left, which is creatively angled in front of the job in the wall. Anthracite nicely balances against the soft, lighter gray tone of the client’s walls.

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wall unit, entertainment center, media cabinet, custom cabinets, desk, work surface, interior design, Toronto

xanax online order legal Sliding door panels part to reveal a TV.

cheap diazepam to buy online where to buy phentermine 37.5 mg online This built-in wall unit serves also as a media center, and the center of the cabinet is faced with sliding door panels in a woodgrain melamine called order phentermine 37.5 canada River Rock. The tracks for the sliding door panels are embedded in the Anthracite structure, and (being made of aluminum) nicely blend into the dark gray. The upper (lift-up) and lower (hinged) doors on this custom cabinetry use high-gloss White laminate, which nicely reflects light from the adjacent window. The fourth finish at work here is the factory-painted accent shelf that spans the wall near the top, including bridging above the “floating” side bookshelf cabinet. In this case, a Benjamin Moore finish called best generic valium Spa Day was used – our painter works with any colour provided in a variety of sheens, and sprays a gorgeous, even finish. phentermine 30mg buy online

buy soma fast shipping Here’s what the sliding doors on this custom cabinet look like “in action”: valium 10mg yahoo

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best valium online Here is another angle on this custom cabinet installation. All photos by Aaron Mason. buy phentermine hcl 37.5 online

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get valium online uk We would love to help you get started on your custom cabinet project today! To begin, call us at 416.322.5575 during phentermine to buy in canada business ours, or fill out buying xanax phuket this form to request a free in-home consultation with one of our designers! valium 600 mg

High-Gloss Laminate Trends

cheap xanax online work station Loft High-gloss laminates are in higher demand than ever before, and Space Solutions offers a full range of incredible colors klonopin buy uk from a valium online variety of order valium in the us sources. Where once upon a time, if you wanted a glossy finish on your cabinets you needed to invest in lacquer finishes – which we still offer as well – you can now choose from a dynamic pallette of solid colors, woodgrains and other patterns with a durable, high-gloss finish for less cost. The home office to the left is from a recent project in a loft space near Liberty Village in Toronto. We used a high-gloss finish called Antracita for the cabinet exteriors – doors, drawer fronts, fillers and end panels. The dark gray hue of the high-gloss board is highly reflective, and brings light to a space in a way that a traditional matte dark finish never could. The cabinet interiors were done using a matte version of the same color. As a contrast, here we used a textured woodgrain melamine called Castellina for the open shelves and back panel above the work surface, and for that surface itself we used a laminate in a stainless steel finish. You can see cheap valium in the uk more of this project on our Houzz page, where we show other angles, and also some additional cabinets in a high-gloss white in the entertaining area. This loft offered an interesting challenge with its rustic restored flooring and exposed brick, and the high-gloss finish proved to be an amazing complement.

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how to buy clonazepam online High Gloss White Built-In Wardrobe TorontoNo question, white remains the most popular choice in high-gloss laminates, as it is readily available in all formats that we work with – melamine, thermoplastic, HPLs, and more. A high-gloss thermoplastic option is important if you wish to have a formed, shaker-style door, for example, or if you prefer to have the laminate wrap the edge on a flat slab door, instead of the seam you get using melamine and separate edgebanding. But considering that the preference for high-gloss tends to coincide most often with a preference for a flat, linear style, the color options are broadening all the time. Here’s a wardrobe we did for another customer in their condo. We used a high-gloss white thermo laminate, which wraps the edges of the material without seams. Again, as if often the case, we used regular white melamine for the cabinet interiors – basically, you want all the aspects that you see on a regular basis to match, and be that higher-end finish, but there’s no point in using the high-gloss material on the interior where it won’t be seen. Combined with our old favorite, the “towel bar” handle, it makes for a classic combination.

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clonazepam online uk Here are some other examples of different ways to use high-gloss materials on your next project!

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buy cheap xanax from india This cabinet was constructed largely using a melamine finish called Aria. But this dual-purpose cabinet needed an innovative way to conceal a television, so we added a sliding panel using a high-gloss melamine called Euroline 2. buy soma in phoenix
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order xanax online australia This project featured high-gloss drawer fronts inside the closet, and high-gloss white panels using our sliding door hardware for a truly unique result. 4 mg valium
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soma valium online two tone Murphy Bed

buy phentermine discount valium 10 mg vs xanax 2mg Here’s a twist on working with high-gloss. In this case, we used a green apple high-gloss for the back panels on this wood grain Murphy Bed. In combination with the LED lights we added across the top, the contrast of the glossy backers with the matte melamine really stands out.

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can i buy phentermine online Come to our showroom, where we can show you our full range of high-gloss options, and see how we work. And then set up an in-home consultation to meet with our of our designers, who will take measurements and go through concepts with you, and come up with a plan for your next project. Ready to book now? Fill out this handy form and one of us will be in touch to get started!

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Custom Built-in Fireplaces klonopin online us pharmacy Antique White custom built in fireplace media wall unit angleIt’s always the right time to plan a custom built-in fireplace wall unit. Maybe you don’t need to use the fireplace itself at the moment, but a multi-purpose built-in fireplace such as this one will get used all year round. This cabinet serves multiple uses: yes it has space for a wall-mounted fireplace, but it also functions as a bedroom wardrobe – with space for clothes hanging and drawer space – and features a hidden laundry hamper, as well as functioning as a media center, with room for a television and accoutrements. We’d like to show you some of these features today. ativan orders cod buy phentramin d online Antique white custom wall unit laundry hamper closedThis custom buy adipex in uk wall unit is constructed using one of our most popular finishes, a colour called Antique White. It’s a fairly universal colour, in that it is readily available in the various types of laminates that we use in our construction. Flat components, in this case comprising the structural parts like the cabinet’s sides and shelves, are achieved using melamine on board. Pieces that have shape to them – in this case, the baseboard, crown and doors and drawer fronts – are shaped in MDF with thermoplastic (sometimes called thermofoil) laminate.  Thermo is more flexible than melamine, and wraps in and out of the curves and wraps the edges. On some projects, we may supply a countertop or desktop using formica or arborite, in which this colour is also available. We can even have part, or all, of your built-in fireplace price klonopin factory painted to match this colour. Or any other colour you wish! identifying generic valiums

soma oral tablet 350mg Laundry hamper tilt out canvas liner

valium online in australia online doctor consultation for klonopin When is a bank of drawers not a bank of drawers? When it’s a door for a tilt out laundry hamper! The best place for the laundry hamper on this cabinet was right below the fireplace. To keep the overall structure symmetrical, we matched the adjacent 3 drawers with a false front composed of 3 faces pieced together. The result when closed – see the photo in the second paragraph above – is seamless and very effective.  You may be wondering why we put a laundry hamper in this built-in fireplace cabinet. Well, this wall unit is in the master bedroom, and functions as the master wardrobe.  So laundry makes a great deal of sense, and hidden this way is not obvious.

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phentermine buy online Scoop handle drawer boxWhile we’re at it, here’s another way to deal with drawers on a wall unit – we hid an additional bank behind the full height doors. These drawer boxes have simplified fronts, since they’re concealed behind the doors. We’ve employed “scoop” handles – allowing us to make the drawers full -depth behind the doors without compromising the depth with protruding handles or knobs. As you can see, the television in this wall unit is mounted relatively high – above the median point. As mentioned, we installed this built-in fireplace in a master bedroom, so that location for the television is ideal for watching in bed.  The spaces up above are intended for a DVD player, cable/satellite receiver, etc.  So this wall unit is truly a multi-purpose solution. It includes wardrobe space, drawer space, laundry hamper, media center and the built-in fireplace. All brought together in one beautiful solution.

online lorazepam cod valium prescription do you need Antique White custom builtin in fireplace media center wall unitWhen we design a built-in fireplace for you, it’s a multi-stage process, like many of our projects. You may start by coming to our showroom to see another example of a wall unit with a fireplace. You can see samples of our different finish options and talk about the process. If we build a cabinet for a built-in fireplace, you supply the fireplace unit, and whether you purchase yours at a specialty store or through an online dealer, we will build something to suit it, whether embedded or surface-mounted. We’ll arrange a site visit to take all measurements, check walls  and layouts – you can start with that site visit too, of course! You can arrange for your in-home consultation in the showroom, over the phone, or by filling out this handy buy klonopin in san francisco appointment request form and submitting it online.  Appointments are available during the day during the week, but we can also accommodate some appointments for evenings and Saturdays with advance notice. Get on this now, and well before you need to turn it on you’ll have a built-in fireplace ready to keep you warm next winter!

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A fun wall unit

online pharmacy valium no prescription Sometimes you get the opportunity to be extra creative with a wall unit, to great results. To wit: buy phentermine 30 mg yellow capsules valium online on sale living room wall unit with floating shelves will 5mg of valium get you high buy valium poland The inclination usually is to make everything symmetrical, and make the two sides around a fireplace match. But here’s an example of a terrific design that doesn’t follow that convention. A modern home with modern touches, the space called for a particular look, and our designer Paulina delivered. Taking a two-tone approach, we used a fairly common melamine finish called Chocolate Pear with a newer, rich colour called Walnut Amati (the lighter of the two woodgrains in the cabinets) and the results are dramatic. The two colours bring out the tone in the floor, and play nicely against the tone of the floor. phentermine no script required express delivery can you buy xanax in stores floating shelves above console cabinet

lorazepam paypal buy ativan mexico On either side of the fireplace, we built lower base cabinets, with recessed kickplates to create a floating effect.  The doors on the cabinets, upper and lower, feature a simple edge profile, and in the Walnut Amati finish, they really stand out. This finish has fooled more than one person into thinking they were looking at solid wood, it’s that good. The shelves in between are playfully staggered, making this wall interesting to look at, in addition to being useful.  Stainless steel square knobs complete the look, keeping everything boxed and compartmentalized. how many mg of valium to get high

buy phentermine k 25 interlocking custom cabinets with floating shelf

carisoprodol 350 mg tablet picture buy soma mexican pharmacy On the right-hand side of the fireplace, we placed another base unit, but with a twist; the doors on the left portion of the lower cabinet include a perforated MDF insert panel, stained to blend with the Walnut Amati, and allowing for storage of components to go with the television. Using the perforated panel accomplishes two things: one, it allows for venting, preventing components from over-heating, and two, at allows for the Blu-ray player, PVR, etc to be concealed, while still possible to activate them with the remote control.  These panels are quite handy for a variety of projects – indeed, we use them when making valium cheap roche radiator covers – and come in a wide range of patterns.  Possibly our favorite detail on this project is the upper cabinets, and how they interlock with each other. The doors on the enclosed portion lift up, rather than swing out, and the open unit straddles around the enclosed one. phentermine next day delivery

soma 350 mg package insert With all the unusual aspects on this design, it was challenging to execute, but the results were well worth it. 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