A Playful Child’s Mudroom

where to get phentermine cheap hooks playroom storage basementThis week we did an interesting mudroom project for one of our customers. While not a mudroom per se, we did set up a couple of storage spaces with structures that are very similar to what we would use in a mudroom, with a playful, children’s theme. Bright colours really bring this setup to life. The cabinet shown here provides overhead storage for the grownups, and down the back we sourced these great multi-colored hooks shaped like elephants – you can find them at Lee Valley Tools – for hanging hats. Note the cutout we made on the left-hand side of the cabinet to allow access for the lightswitch that lights the space concealed by the sliding door panels to the left. At the base of the structure, we added a seating area – another common feature in mudroom units – and added a single row of storage drawers, with open space below for shoes. By using the vertical dividers we have created a “locker” effect, such that each child may have their own defined area – no fighting over who’s on who’s side! The doors and drawer are accented with colourful, acrylic pulls shaped like tulips, also available from Lee Valley. The hardware brings a fun, funky element to these simple, white cabinets, and also goes hand-in-hand with the sliding doors we provided.

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http://www.woodboys.com/gallery/Solid/gas2531/ generic for valium 10mg Toronto sliding doors room divder melamine white lami glass back-paintedWe also supplied and installed 2 sets of our sliding doors for this project. The first, smaller set, you can see a part of in the image above, which enclosed a closet. Here’s a second, larger set that we made. Both sets feature a variety of insert materials, and are a great example to show you the range of products we can use in our door program. As always, the hardware is made of aluminum, here in its natural appearance, and we used the Niagara profile for the sides. (Read this post for a comparison of the 2 profile options.) The solid, non-reflective material used for the bulk of the doors is white melamine. (There’s over a dozen melamine finishes available that may be used for our door line – we’ll be updating that colour selection soon, so check back for updates!) The large, bluish-gray panels seen here are white lami glass. White Lami is a translucent material that gives the appearance of frosted glass, without the etching or sand-blasting process that dulls the finish; it comprises 2 sheets of glass with a thin white film in between, providing privacy but allowing light to pass through. Lastly, those colourful panels? They’re back-painted glass, painted with colours selected to go with the hardware used on the cabinets. Select any colour from the paint deck of your choice, and our glass source will match it!

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http://www.woodboys.com/gallery/Solid/gas2907/ order xanax bars online cheap We have full-sized examples of our sliding doors, using a variety of insert materials including back-painted glass, on display in our showroom.

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