Complete Toronto Master Bedroom Project

Antique White master bedroomHere we would like to share this complete master bedroom project. This midtown Toronto home, where space as you can imagine is at a premium, needed a complete solution for living and storage space. And while often a Murphy Bed is the right solution, in this case our client desired a traditional bed, and had just enough space to make that work. By tailoring the design and application to meet their needs we were able to deliver a solution for them which could very well serve as inspiration for your complete master bedroom.

The first thing of note is that we actually built a platform for the bed itself, including integrated storage below, in the form of functional drawer space. Each side of the bed offers two deep drawers for storage including space for spare bedding. As you see in the detail images below (click to open them enlarged in a new window) the drawers may be opened without getting in the way of the bedding itself. By installing these drawers without handles – the fronts are oversized so you may easily pull them open from below – we avoid creating a hazard for tripping or snags.

Antique White master bedroom drawersAntique White master bedroom drawers

Antique White master bedroom rad cover







On the window side of the master bedroom, there was a radiator along the wall. To deal with that we installed a radiator cover cabinet (sometimes simply called a ‘rad cover’). We used the same antique white laminate for the structure and door frames as for the rest of the installation, and the client selected an MDF screen which we had painted to match the laminate. The radiator itself did not run the entire length of the room, but for symmetry we installed the screening panels as if they did, and behind some of the doors there is additional storage, while the remainder allow the heat to radiate, and also open for any maintenance and access. The surface below the window neatly abuts the cabinets on the right end – where we provided some wardrobe and drawer storage.

Antique white master bedroom rad coverAntique White master bedroom drawers









Antique white master bedroomThe dark counter top used on either side of the bed – a popular woodgrain melamine tone called chocolate pear – creates unified night table space, and on the far side of the room, adjacent to the mirrored wardrobes, extends into a vanity area complete with its own mirrored backing. We also installed LED lights on three separate switches (which are stored inside the drawers on the relevant sides) to create display lighting for the upper glass cabinets, as well as reading lighting for either side of the bed. The LEDs blend nicely with the overhead lighting installed in the room itself. You can see detailed closeups below of the oil-rubbed bronze hardware used for the wardrobe doors (handles to match the knobs used on drawers) along with a pullout wardrobe rail used in this installation. The complete master bedroom project was designed, built and installed by Space Solution using antique white and chocolate pear finishes, with integrated mouldings, crown and other trimming details. To get started on your complete master bedroom, contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

oil-rubbed bronze hardwarewardrobe railAntique white master bedroom wardrobe

All photos by Aaron Mason.

Winter: Nesting, and organizing

So we finally have winter in Toronto. Who’s excited about that? <cricket… cricket…>  Okay, so maybe it’s pretty cold out today, and even though there’s not a lot of snow on the ground yet, winter has definitely arrived. So that likely means that you’re spending more time indoors in your home, and turning your attention towards the projects you’ve been meaning to get to.


White Walkin Closet TorontoClosets are the basis that Space Solutions was founded upon, and continue to be a huge part of our business – “We make small closets BIG”. With new colours coming out every year, you can really tailor your closet to your tastes. Popular colours this year have included Antique White Wash, Silken Maple, and the ever popular Chocolate Pear Tree. Of course, you can never go wrong with standard options like White and Antique White. As always, our custom closet solutions are made as unique solutions for you – we make everything to order, and with no standard sizes or predetermined configurations you will get unmatched quality and storage options.

Built Ins

Maple Wall Unit with Asian hardware Toronto

With all this extra time spent indoors, you’re no doubt looking for ways to dress up your home, do away with any visual clutter. Our Built In solutions offer endless options for bedrooms, family rooms, home offices, basement storage and dens. The cabinet shown here is an excellent example of what you can achieve by keeping things simple. This wardrobe has been built using Hardrock Maple melamine, with flat doors and drawer fronts. A more economical solution than using profiled thermo frontage, complementing the structure with these interesting Asian-influenced handles in oil-rubbed bronze dresses this cabinet beautifully. Wardrobes, of course, are a great way to deal with lack of adequate closet space.

Sliding Doors

Niagara Aluminum sliding doors black glass red backpainted glass Toronto Our in house sliding door program continues to expand. Now offering two door profiles in two finish options, we have also expanded the offering for door inserts! Choose from white lami glass, mirror, woodgrain and solid colour laminates, and backpainted glass in every colour of the rainbow. Effects are possible, too: etched backpainted glass combines colour with the subtlety of frosted; combining glass inserts of different colours, or combining glass with board allows for infinite possibilities. And our smooth-rolling hardware will leave you wondering why you didn’t get these doors sooner.

Radiator Covers

Factory Painted radiator cover Toronto

Many older homes throughout Toronto still have operating radiators.  And as much as we love the heat they provide, we don’t always want to see them. Rad covers are a great solution, and allow for additional purpose. Let’s say you don’t mind seeing your radiators – let’s even say they are somewhat attractive – you don’t necessarily want to put things directly on top of them.  Building a rad cover around your radiator will provide additional storage, whether cupboard storage or simply a surface, and still let the rad do its job, and radiate. Our rad covers will allow you access to any valves, and with a large selection of MDF and metal insert screens, can be an unique as your home. Finally, select any colour from the paint deck and our painter will provide a gorgeous finish which will last for years.

And of course, it’s cold out – you don’t want to go outside! So Space Solutions will come to you, and provide a free in-home consultation to design and quote on any of these projects. Call the showroom at 416.322.5575 during business hours, or use this handy form to submit your request online, and one of out staff will phone you to set something up.