Barn door solutions! Pain O Soma 350 sliding door, barn door, suspended doorIntroducing barn doors! Space solutions now makes and installs traditional barn doors. Our barn doors are made to order in custom sizes, and in the same incredible range of finishes as our custom closets and other cabinets. The hanging door panels are built solid, using 3/4″ board that is doubled up around the perimeter to create a 1 1/2″ border. These doors are solid! The barn door support rail is manufactured of steel in a matte black finish for a classic look, and operates with heavy-duty pulley-style rollers. We may, as in the image presented here, mount the rail against a panel that is in turn mounted against the wall, if, as in this case, we need to clear a door frame or molding with the barn door panel. For wider openings, we can install a pair of barn doors on a longer, shared rail, that either part in the middle or both travel to one side for full access. The barn doors travel over a guide mounted on the floor that prevents the door panel from swaying front to back, and the hanging rails feature built-in stops to keep them from running away on you.

buy phentermine in mexico 2014 clonazepam cheap fedex delivery barn door, bypass door, room divider, Toronto doorOur aluminum sliding door series also features a top-hanging option. The installation shown here is installed to the ceiling, but like the barn doors above, we can similarly install the top track against a panel mounted to the wall above a doorway. This type of door can be produced in all the same options as our regular buy clonazepam china sliding door series, with one exception – the hardware is not available in white, just aluminum. We think that’s okay, though, as they look pretty spectacular as they are! And, like the barn doors, these top-hung door panels are similarly installed with a guide pin in the floor, which in this case serves to again prevent swaying front to back, but also acts as a stopper to keep the doors from traveling too far. If you look closely at this installation, you will see there is a matching, fixed door panel installed underneath the bulkhead on the right hand side. The client for whom we installed this project was good enough to review our work on Houzz; have a look to see what they had to say about us, along with Soma 350 Mg Reviews our other reviews! buy soma in England Soma Overnight Delivery Both of these types of hanging door installations are on display in our showroom. Come see them in person, we’d be happy to show you how our barn door and other sliding door systems can transform your space!

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Sliding doors – 26 standard board colours! Order Valium line closet doors room divider custom doorsBecause we produce our custom sliding doors in-house, we are able to offer a wide range of options for finishing details. The European aluminum hardware can accommodate a variety of insert materials. Most often we use what is known as ‘white lami’ glass, a composite glass product using two sheets of clear glass, joined with a white film that both gives the glass a semi-opaque frosted appearance and also acts as a safety backing to prevent breakage; you will see this in the majority of the images on our carisoprodol buy Doors page. Other glass products include mirror and back-painted glass, the latter being completely customizable, as our glass supplier will colour-match any paint sample of your choosing. But more and more we are working board panels into the mix, which can offer a wide range of looks and also a more economical price point than glass. NON PRESCRIPTION CHEAP Klonopin get prescribed phentermine online At Space Solutions we are happy to be able to offer the widest range of finish options for our custom products in the industry, and that includes our sliding door offerings. We currently offer 26 different 1/4″ melamine finishes for our custom doors! These 26 options are all double-sided, so they may be used in room divider applications where both sides are seen, and even better, all of these finishes are available in the thicker 3/4″ board that we use for our cabinet structures, meaning you can have your custom closet doors match your closet organizer, your wall unit, your room.

Carisoprodol 350 Mg For Sale Valium online in europe So, how many finishes can you select from for your custom sliding door project? xanax canada buy This many*:

Somatropin Injection valium canada buy slidingdoorsboardoptions

Lorazepam Maximum Dose medicine online Lorazepam * and if that’s not enough, there’s even more options; we can have MDF factory-painted to the color of your preference, or, we can also have board laminated using any of a few hundred formica or arborite laminates.

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A Playful Child’s Mudroom 10mg of Valium enough hooks playroom storage basementThis week we did an interesting mudroom project for one of our customers. While not a mudroom per se, we did set up a couple of storage spaces with structures that are very similar to what we would use in a mudroom, with a playful, children’s theme. Bright colours really bring this setup to life. The cabinet shown here provides overhead storage for the grownups, and down the back we sourced these great multi-colored hooks shaped like elephants – you can find them at Lee Valley Tools – for hanging hats. Note the cutout we made on the left-hand side of the cabinet to allow access for the lightswitch that lights the space concealed by the sliding door panels to the left. At the base of the structure, we added a seating area – another common feature in mudroom units – and added a single row of storage drawers, with open space below for shoes. By using the vertical dividers we have created a “locker” effect, such that each child may have their own defined area – no fighting over who’s on who’s side! The doors and drawer are accented with colourful, acrylic pulls shaped like tulips, also available from Lee Valley. The hardware brings a fun, funky element to these simple, white cabinets, and also goes hand-in-hand with the sliding doors we provided.

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xanax 2mg online buy phentermine 37.5 white with blue specks buy phentermine 37.5 mexico Toronto sliding doors room divder melamine white lami glass back-paintedWe also supplied and installed 2 sets of our sliding doors for this project. The first, smaller set, you can see a part of in the image above, which enclosed a closet. Here’s a second, larger set that we made. Both sets feature a variety of insert materials, and are a great example to show you the range of products we can use in our door program. As always, the hardware is made of aluminum, here in its natural appearance, and we used the Niagara profile for the sides. (Read this post for a comparison of the 2 profile options.) The solid, non-reflective material used for the bulk of the doors is white melamine. (There’s over a dozen melamine finishes available that may be used for our door line – we’ll be updating that colour selection soon, so check back for updates!) The large, bluish-gray panels seen here are white lami glass. White Lami is a translucent material that gives the appearance of frosted glass, without the etching or sand-blasting process that dulls the finish; it comprises 2 sheets of glass with a thin white film in between, providing privacy but allowing light to pass through. Lastly, those colourful panels? They’re back-painted glass, painted with colours selected to go with the hardware used on the cabinets. Select any colour from the paint deck of your choice, and our glass source will match it!

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us Lorazepam fedex We have full-sized examples of our sliding doors, using a variety of insert materials including back-painted glass, on display in our showroom. buy xanax 2mg cheap

The Room Divider and obstructions

klonopin free shipping We know that our zithromax online australia custom sliding doors make an excellent phentermine hcl 37.5 mg where to buy room divider, but sometimes there are challenges, in the form of columns, moldings or other obstructions. What do you do if there’s a variance in the height that prevents the doors from sliding all the way to the end of the space? Klonopin purchase on line no prescription fast delivery Valium 15 mg erowid No Problem: we think outside the box, and come up with a unique effective solution!

Carisoprodol 350 Mg Uses can i buy phentermine in mexico Sliding door room divider Toronto 2012 Ativan and Klonopin phentermine online consultation order In this case, our customer had a valence running parallel to the end wall of the space, left over from a curtain that used to hang in the room. The molding is a nice architectural detail, and removing it outright from the entire room was not an option. Nor did we want to cut a wide channel into it for the width of the three doors required to fill the space – it wouldn’t have looked right when the doors were open exposing it, nor would it have looked right when the doors were closed, and the remaining molding would have hung down in front of it. And lowering the entire opening, by filling in a space equal to the height of the molding for the width of the space wasn’t practical. buy adipex mexico

i want to buy phentermine online Sliding door room divider Toronto 2012 detailInstead we cut a small channel into the top of the molding at the ceiling, just enough for the track, such that the doors, when closed come up against the lower portion of the molding. Against the wall, we filled in the space below the curve of the molding with white melamine to create a level top surface, and below we installed a skinny, stationary door panel to match the mobile panels.  The result is a clean, even look. valium in india buy

Sliding Door Room Dividers buy cheapest phentermine online Room Enclosure Doors with White Lami Glass

order klonopin online safe carisoprodol 350 mg price We make our sliding doors for all sorts of applications. Closets and room dividers are certainly the most common, and we find that the combination of aluminum hardware with white lami glass inserts is the most popular. Our door system is ideal for use as room dividers, as the hardware conceals all moving parts, and there is therefore no obvious “front” or “back” to the doors – you have an excellent view on either side. Along the same lines, white lami glass makes an excellent insert material, since unlike traditional frosted glass, it is the same on both sides; white lami glass is actually composed of two sheets of glass sandwiching a white laminate film, giving it that frosted appearance. While still translucent, the white lami glass has more opacity than traditional frosted glass, providing privacy yet still letting light through. Valium without a rx Pain O Soma 500mg Lately, we are finding we have more and more customers looking to use room dividers where there is no obvious wall to separate the rooms. Or maybe it is a scenario where you only wish to segment a corner of a room. Well, our sliding doors are ideal for this application also. These photos show an example of this, where we created an L-shaped set of doors to close off an office. On the short side, a single wide panel will slide along the interior of the space, and the three doors on the long side tuck into the right hand side. Thus creating the possibility of privacy when needed, and keeping the office attractive and clean.

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soma 350 mg recreational Room Enclosure Doors with White Lami Glass open liquid xanax online can you buy xanax over the counter in dubai To find out more about our sliding door options, both for closets and room dividers, head on over to the online klonopin Doors page and see some other examples, or come visit our showroom where you can see full sized panels in person. You can also request a quick quote on your project using Carisoprodol Brand Names this handy form. can you get a prescription for phentermine online

Sliding Door Program

Soma On The Internet Choc Pear Whit Lami doors buy soma no precription

soma 350 mg uses Our Niagara Series program for sliding doors has been a big success  We continue to explore new materials to combine with the hardware to create unique door systems.  By far, the most popular option is the White Lami glass, creating a frosted glass look, without the expense of blasted glass.  We have also been incorporating mirror and board inserts, sometimes within the same door panel, to great effect.  Board inserts are available in 9 standard colors, but we have also used material to custom laminate the board, which means a nearly endless array of options.  Click here to view a PDF that shows you the standard offerings for panel colours; of course, you should make your decision based on physical samples.

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