Space Solutions Murphy Beds in The Toronto Star


This past weekend, The Toronto Star’s Your Home section featured any article about Murphy Beds. Our own Barb Larocque was interviewed for it, and provided some good information about our beds and the blossoming interest in them.  Even about a year ago, we were installing a Murphy Bed perhaps once a month; right now, we are closer to once a week, and the installations go smoother than ever before.  The bed pictures used in the article are of our Queen Size display bed, which you can see in person at our showroom.  To see the article, click here.

Garage Renovation in The Toronto Star

There’s a great article in today’s Toronto Star about a Garage makeover by HGTV’s Colin and Justin.  It’s a great Before and After piece, showing how you can reclaim that space!  Many of the products shown – overhead storage, slat wall and cabinets – are available from us.  In fact, our StoreWALL product is a more versatile product than the slat wall they used in this reno, coming in more colors and with more accessories.  The cabinet line they used is RedLine garagegear, for which Space Solutions is the exclusive Toronto dealer.  We have garagegear cabinets and StoreWALL on display in our showroom – visit our Garages page to learn more about what we do for garage storage!