The Complete Garage

Complete Toronto GarageHere we’d like to show you a recent Complete Garage installation, which completely transforms one customer’s space.   Like many busy families, our client has a wide array of sporting goods – including skis, bikes, and hockey gear – as well as their lawn and sidewalk tools.  Using a combination of cabinets by Redline garagegear and slat wall panels by StoreWALL, we filled all the available wall space to provide the maximum in storage and organization.  The finished product looks great, and the customer can still park their car in here!  Colors – “Pewter” for the cabinets, and “Weathered Gray” for the slat wall – were chosen in conjunction with their choice for the floor coating they had done.  (We don’t do the floors ourselves, but would be happy to put you in contact with Doug at Applied Industrial Flooring, who did this flooring project.)

Toronto Complete Garage West view

As with most garages, some of the many challenges presented by this one include the passage required for the garage door, the electrical panel near the entrance, and the tank for the central vacuum system.  You can see here that the slat wall was trimmed out around the electrical panel, and we staggered the heights of the cabinets to clear the garage door track.  On the right hand side of this photo you can see that we’ve managed to hang most of the winter sports gear: skis, sleds and hockey equipment. Accessories went behind doors inside the cabinets, including some of the warm weather gear, like golf bags.

Toronto Complete Garage North wall

In the back, we positioned a lot of the summer gear, like the bicycles, tennis and baseball equipment, etc.  At the end we also had to work around the central vac tank, a spigot on the wall for the garden hose, and various bulkheads at the ceiling.  The versatility of StoreWALL’s PVC panels (you wouldn’t want to mount MDF slat wall around the plumbing!) makes performing those cutouts smooth and simple, and where required, the matching trims finish off the gaps with a framing effect.  And of course, the whole point of using slat wall is that the various hooks and accessories can be easily relocated as the customer’s needs and belongings change.

Toronto Complete Garage East wallAt the front end, we find the outdoorsy things: rakes, brooms, shovels, the garbage bins, and the ever-ready bag of rock salt for winter.  Cabinets on this side of the garage are housing things like holiday decorations, things for the car, and with all the extra storage we’ve created, they can even clear out some of the storage from inside the house.  Imagine that: you can even use your Complete Garage to allow you to reclaim space inside your house! Request an in-home consultation to get started on your complete garage today!

And look! We’ve shot a short video as a walk-through of this finished project, highlighting the various features and benefits of RedLine garagegear, StoreWALL, and even the flooring.  We’ve posted it on our You Tube channel, but you can watch it right here by clicking on the video frame below.


A Murphy Bed With A Drop-Down Desk

Side Tilt Murphy Bed Open - Space Solutions - Toronto

This is a Murphy Bed that we recently installed for a customer.  What we have here is what we call a Side-Tilt Murphy Bed; the bed is oriented length-wise along the wall, so that it a) does not come out as far into the room and b) does not require as much vertical height on that wall. (We also build them with a regular orientation.) In this case, we built the cabinet to accommodate a Queen-size mattress, but we can also build for Singles and Doubles.  The room is in the basement, which is where we often find Side-Tilts to be ideal, and the room functions also as a general storage space as well as a a music room for the family.  So occasional use as a Guest Room makes a Murphy Bed a great solution for a mixed-use space.

Side Tilt Murphy Bed Closed - Space Solutions - Toronto

When the bed is closed, you can see that we have provided storage to the left and above the bed cabinet.  The lower section is covered with doors to hide loose clutter, and the upper shelves provide great storage for the family’s boardgame and jigsaw puzzle collection.  This cabinet was built primarily using Hardrock Maple melamine, with White doors.  The structure is accented with thick Hardrock trims to frame the look and matches nicely with the home’s flooring. On the outside of the bed door, we ordinarily will install handles, but in this case, there’s a structure that becomes a drop-down desk, and you can simply grab on to that framework.

Side Tilt Murphy Bed Closed with Side Table - Space Solutions - Toronto

When the desk is not in use,  it is locked shut, with a combination of latches and locks, so that it does not come down accidentally. When unlocked, the legs swing out, and you lower the desktop on a piano hinge, and now you have a solid desk top, which this customer intends to use as art space.  When you need to use the bed, simply clear the desktop, fold it up and lock it, and lower the bed normally.

Update March 30, 2011: Here is a video demonstration of this Murphy project and its features. You can also of course visit our youtube page for other Space Solutions projects!  And, you can see another Murphy Bed on display at our showroom.

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A Before And After Story

Here’s a great example of what you can do the get the most out of a small space.  Our client lives in a 500 square foot condo in Liberty Village.  The rooms of course are tight, and the existing closet was not working for him.  While the room has a 9 foot ceiling, the doors were of standard height, which meant the upper space in the closet was inaccessible.  The builder had provided lightweight sliding panel doors, which further hindered the access, and the interior had a set of wire shelves which did not work well with the sliding doors – you could really only access clothes hanging from one side, and the result was an unattractive, inefficient mess.  We needed to find a way to make this closet work better and look better, too.

The first step, was opening up the space.  The client removed the doors, shelves and even the header above the doors, which then gave us full access to the entire space.  We created cubby storage up above with lift up doors for long term storage.  We increased his clothes hanging capacity by double hanging his clothes in cabinets at either end.  We added drawers to the center, where he can store ties and belts and other small things, and then some open shelves.  Not only are open shelves useful for quick access, but they also make the space feel roomier.  In the original closet, the plain white doors were dreary and overwhelming.  The open shelves help make the room feel a little bigger.  Click on the thumbnail below for a closer look.


The noteworthy details here are the framing, doors, and hardware. By applying a simple face frame molding between the sections, we not only obscure the places where cabinets meet, it also beefs up the look.  These frosted glass doors are a beautiful detail that really make the closet, completing a hip, urban look.  Similarly, the stainless steel handles provide the perfect accent to cap everything off.

Watch the video below for a tour of the space, so you can see first hand exactly what we did.