Essential Closet Accessories

When Space Solutions designs a closet for you, we consider all the details, such as closet accessories. Yes, your first priority is clothes hanging, and you will also need storage for folded clothing – either on shelves or in drawers, or both – and, no doubt, shoes. (Don’t be embarrassed at the size of your shoe collection! You’re not alone!)  But what else goes in a typical closet, and what do you do with them?


Hafele Elite Tie Rack Toronto

They say that men these days don’t wear ties nearly as much as in years past, but most men still own at least 10 to 20 ties. Space Solutions stocks a variety of tie rack options. Most have slides attached, so they may be installed against the side of a shelf and drawer tower, and may then be pulled forward for easier access. We stock them in nickel or brushed chrome, but can special order them in other finishes.



Everyone has belts. To complement our tie racks, each series also has a corresponding belt rack. Again, they come in sliding and non-sliding models, and in various finishes. Hanging your belts by the buckle helps keep them straight and last longer!


Sidelines Laundry Valet TorontoCloset Valet Toronto

There are a couple of options when we talk about valets. Both are intended to hold clothes on hangers temporarily, and then retract when not needed. The Laundry Valet has a series of holes, and when extended allows to you fit the hooks of hangers inside to hold things away from the wall. They are often used in laundry rooms for temporary hanging when transferring clothes out of the dryer, hence the name. But they also are useful inside a shallow closet as well. A Closet Valet is used often against the side of a tower, or even the underside of a shelf, to provide a place to hang, say, the outfit you want to wear the next day, your dry cleaning, items you are getting ready to pack or store, etc.


Garment hooks Toronto

A great way to make use of a shallow wall in a closet that does not allow for conventional clothes hanging, or even shallow storage, is to mount hooks on that wall. For example, a narrow Walkin Closet often only allows for the use of 2 walls, in an L configuration. (This is common in many condos.) You need to leave that third wall for your access. But rather than leave that wall blank, consider adding hooks for quick, easy “grab and go” items: robes, hooded sweaters, shoulder bags, etc. We stock a variety of hooks in various shapes, and again, can special order others as need be.

Here’s handy sheet that covers many of our standard stock options – you can even come into the showroom and purchase them right then and there for your existing closets. Space Solutions Tie, Belt, Valet, Hook stock options (PDF)

In a future post, we’ll tell you about some other closet accessories, such as solutions for laundry, shoes, pants and more!